I’ve been a wimp!

Since I got back from Argentina my running has been a little bit of a mess.
I was running every single day there, in the 90+ degree weather because I had no choice: I was eating SO much, I had to keep moving or I’d have to resort to rolling after a couple of days. Quite disgraceful. The runs weren’t such a big deal, but I did speedwork a couple of times, with my dad leading me on the bike, and put in some serious mileage.
As soon as I landed, mid January, all went haywire. I had 10 days inbetween trips and loads to catch up and a month’s worth of work I had to fit in. Plus it was in the 20s… I was not a happy puppy. And take the running off the equation. Bad week.
Then Bermuda, the first 4 days were so busy I barely fit in a 3 mile run (because I had to make it to a meeting) and then waaaay to busy until the event was over. So busy, I had no time to rest or anything. I got sick, flu-fever yucky sick. Then I got back and… still sick for almost a whole week. It was brutally cold… I ended up with 91 miles in January. Shameful.
It would have been ok if I did some serious quality. But I didn’t.
February is a different thing though. I’ve gotten into a furious fit of speed and I am just ripping it on every run. It’s quite ridiculous. I even left work early yesterday because I just couldn’t wait anymore to go do speed. What’s gotten into me? Ah, long story, for another post, but I am on a !*#*@#! roll. And it’s amazing. NYC Half is around the corner and I need to get ready. Fast.

I’ve been a wimp!

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