NYC HALF in 16 days: is time to freak out yet? (plus a few more questions)

Well, TOO late!

I saw Peter’s newswire on RW, which made it all a bit more real
I totally think my name is Ritz all the time…
Ah, okaaaay.
Why is it I always start getting nervous before a half or a full with just 3 weeks to go and putz around the 3 months before?? (does this happen to you?)
I then, do all the speedwork I can fit in two weeks and relax and go super calm into the last two weeks. (you do this too, riiiiight?)
It seems to work though, because that’s when you’re peaking and want to miximize your workouts’ efficiency and let go of pressure/intensity/mileage for a mini taper. No need for long training period, nor long tapers…!
I will definitely do some mini-speedwork that week, which always seems to help finding the perfect yet elusive muscle tension… and then… the race… which will be osom. I am sure already. There are two reasons:
Lots of my favorite runners will be there. Yes, even the other Ritz. And Lagat is debuting at the half. Kip! Kip is racing a Half!
This is like when The Police got together for a tour or better.
Seriously ridiculous field. Do you realize how this is one of the few sports (or THE only one, but haven’t thought of ALL sports!) where WE do exactly the SAME thing THEY do, just a few steps behind? We’re on the same course (field, etc.) at the same time… When does it happen that you get to “compete” (aha, compete, I said it!) with the top crop of the sport? HA?
I am gonna PR.
Yes. I said it.
In front of everyone.
Maybe I am jinxing myself but whatever.
I see the PR this far away.
Hopefully it’ll be a super-happy, in-your-face-old-PR, by at least 2 minutes, and my first sub 1:40 (YES, I AM EVEN VOLUNTEERING A GOAL TIME!), super strong, bopping, jumping, highfiving, smiling, city-touring, negative-split PR.
Otherwise, I’ll still take a regular PR happily.
I am gonna PR. Watch me.
(I better PR now, dayum, what did I just do?)

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2 thoughts on “NYC HALF in 16 days: is time to freak out yet? (plus a few more questions)

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