Letting Go

We all have goals and dreams and things to run to. But we are often stuck with something that is holding us back.

Even if our goal is more important. Even if we are super motivated. Even if we are running forward at full speed; there might still be something attached to our leg, or very tight in the palm of our hand.

I am fearless with a lot of things. My biggest talent is to move forward, but, just like anyone, I have things that scare me and I might not even want to acknowledge. And if I don’t face them, they’re there forever.

I saw this today in my facebook feed:

I realized there are a couple of things that still scare me. And that I can’t be myself fully if I don’t face them.

I’ve gone through so many walls, I never really wanted to break all my insecurities/weaknesses/vulnerabilities. I was keeping some things still safe in there.

I am ok, I really like myself and my life, but why keep one foot on the ground? I am closing my eyes, and jumping head on.

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

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