You’re a NYC runner if…

  • Public urination doesn’t faze you, whether it’s a runner or a guy in a suit.
  • You can always spot an elite runner in your regular loop. And a newyorker never stares.
  • You go into a dark Central Park at 11 pm or 5 am, and don’t think twice about it.
  • Un-showered post-race brunch is mandatory.
  • You scream/curse at any one who crosses in front of you/is using the wrong path/walking or running more than two abreast, or even looks at you for more than three seconds.
  • You run out-out-towners through Cat Hill or the Harlem Hills to impress them.
  • You run into 500 people in your regular loop and know most of them, from work, your team, the races, tv, or the papers.
  • You are used to seeing people talk on their bluetooth while running, and/or iphone in hand.
  • You might pause your run to see what the polar bears in the Central Park zoo are doing.
  • You have some of the most amazing races in your backyard and you either can’t resist doing all of them or are totally jaded and don’t participate in any of them.
  • You live at a 3 block distance from five runnings stores and have to shop in all of them for different things.
  • You spend the whole day on your feet, running shoes or dressy shoes.
  • There are a billion running teams but you still think running has to be THE thing where you get to be alone. Headphones on!
  • You do hill training on the bridges
  • You would never even dream of winning/placing in your AG; this little island has way too deep a field in every race!.
  • You always bring your metrocard with you on your run, because you never know where life the run is going to take you.
  • In any given run/race you’ll see the ex-governor, Al Broker, Rafael Nadal, Mr G, Ilsa Paulson, Ryan Reynolds, or Prince Harry, and not look twice.
  • You are used to signing up for races four months before, or they’ll be full by the time you come around to making a decision.
  • The only way anyone will see you in Times Square (oh, the horror) is during the NYC Half Marathon.

NYC Half (9)


29 thoughts on “You’re a NYC runner if…

  1. LOL that’s funny! I live in Jersey, but I can appreciate some of these! The only times I go to Times Square are if I’m taking someone to the theater or if visitors from out of town demand to go there.


  2. Outstanding site! I mean that too.
    I have signed up as a follower.
    Running has been zero for me since August of last year. I ran yesterday for the first time. Overweight by 28 pounds and wayyyy out of shape. Hopefully the Loop can help me back up on the horse!


    • thank you!!!!
      Thanks for following, I post here now but check posts and visit there!
      I am sure we can help get you back on track if you need our push!! pls keep me posted ok!?!?


  3. Hello. Wicked nice site!
    I have not ran since last August and I am overweight by 28 pounds; plus wayy out of shape. Hopefully the Loop will help keep me on task.

    Looking forward to reading your posts. Thanks


  4. Hola! Te leo desde Buenos Aires (para que no creas que no tenés lectores por acá). Te leí durante semanas en RW antes de darme cuenta que eras argentina, lo que terminó de consolidar mi amor por tu blog. Estuve en NY el año pasado y aproveché para correr un poco por el parque y el costado del río. Me encanta BA para correr -mucho-, pero NY… amor amor amor. Espero poder volver pronto. Mientras tanto, leo tu blog.


  5. Absolutely true! I run pretty decent paces (8:00 for the half and 9:00 for the marathon so far) and am a Dashing Whippet and I’m basically the slowest person on the team! Field is so deep its crazy!


  6. Love these. Can relate to most. Loving your new digs. I haven’t been around last couple of weeks to comment but I am back!! miss you!!


  7. Rafa… I’m jealous! But I guess I don’t really think twice when I see Nick Symmonds 😉

    I can’t imagine what the running scene is like in NYC. I appreciate being able to see some of it through your eyes!


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