In case you didn’t hear the news yesterday…

2013-04-08 17.08.53 2013-04-08 17.09.05

This is what my inbox, facebook, voice and text and anything around me looked like, all day!

2013-04-09 09.17.192013-04-09 09.18.09  2013-04-09 09.19.49

Just to make things clear, I am not a thief. OKAY? Also, I have a great alibi,  you can’t prove a thing!


8 thoughts on “I AM NOT a THIEF!!

  1. hahahaha She DID had a slice of bread with Nutella this morning… AND she had some left on her chin on her way to work!!! mmmm I wonder why all these boxes with german tags are doing in our basement… There’s also a previously worn Ninja Outfit…


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