one strange week

– I’ve never heard the word marathon on tv this many times before. This was obviously not what I wanted.

– I wore my boston shirt/singlet/jacket on every run this week. I wasn’t the only one.

– Navigating social media and tv is quite tricky. I keep switching back and forth: why are people talking about other things to I need a distraction. Waiting for this manhunt to end so we can learn more about what happened and start to heal.

– Boston Runs are popping up everyone, my team is doing one tomorrow at 8 am in Central Park, and there is a BostonStrong run on Monday in Central Park.

NYRR has created a really nice Boston t-shirt to benefit the One Fund, I will try to pick one up today.

It’s amazing, though never surprising, how the running community always becomes very engaged (whether it has anything to do with running or not) and moves in to help. Always. Whether it was Haiti, Japan, Sandy, or anything. I am sure that this being at the Boston Marathon adds a level of compassion, but I am not sure the running community would have reacted too different with any other event.

– Back to waiting. I am emotionally exhausted by this week.  Running Helps.

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