Caption This Tuesday!


that's going to be MY dinner!

Carboloading like a Champ, literally.



This is from a Bodyglide shoot (the video we did is here.) And, FYI, BODYGLIDE has updated their whole website, I am in a few pages so if you go look at it, let me know what you think!

Have at it!

7 thoughts on “Caption This Tuesday!

  1. #1: “Now let me just get my hair out of the way, then I’ll dip my face into the bowl”

    #2: Elizabeth was surprised to see that besides fly fishing, rat fishing is also quite popular


  2. 1# “Hey, I’m skinny. I can eat 2 pounds of food AND wear 2 pounds of medals, and both look good on me!”
    2#- “Every runner loves Bodyglide. End of story! Can I go eat lunch now?!”


  3. Loved the video on the BG website. The producer did a great job using the emotion in your face and you made me want to go and get lubed ASAP! Wait, that didn’t sound right…


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