Caption This Tuesday!

#1  Healthy Kidney 1K0 Winner and World Record Holder, Patrick Komon. Led from gun to tape to win in a time of 27:58. Although he missed the course-record bonus, he did win $25,000 for first place, the largest winner’s purse for any non-marathon race in the United States.

photo 2


#2. Well….

photo 1

#2. Well….

Have at it!

7 thoughts on “Caption This Tuesday!

  1. #1 “Thank you for this grand, wonderful prize! I can’t wait to dominate next year!”
    #2 “Rock rock rock rock rock ‘n’ roll high school . . .


  2. #1 I’m going to Disneyland!
    #2 Will this hat really protect me when I run in Central Park no matter what time of day?


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