Matt Long and the Appreciation Lunch

I had to name this post that because it’s what I’ve been doing every year… see?

Chris McCormack & the Appreciation Lunch, 2011
Chrissie Wellington and the Appreciation Lunch, 2012

I was there representing Autism Speaks, and in case you don’t remember, I am their Team Up Development Manager,  that is my full time job! Will tell you more about it soon so you remember, but I love it. I am a very lucky girl!

At the lunch, I met up with a few ex-coworkers, lots of friends, team mates, running heroes of mine, and people I know from having basically worked or volunteered at every sports/non-profit in nyc. It is like a May ritual, and you see everyone. George Hirsch spoke first, then Matt Long came up.

photo (4)

I know you all know Matt Long, if you don’t, pause here, and read this… wait, before you click on it, get a box of tissues. Quick. I still remember the first time I read it…

I’ve seen Matt speak millions of times. Do a search on my blog, you’ll get bored but you might find some of his slides in there. He’s amazing. Every time. I was, as usual, crying. I think it’s because he represents all I am most afraid of. What if, one day,  something happens and I can’t run? I am not sure I am as strong as he is. But he does a hell of a job of getting a room teary and moving me to question all I could do as an athlete and human being.

They showed a video which is really the only point to this post, as I hadn’t seen it before. Here:

3 thoughts on “Matt Long and the Appreciation Lunch

  1. Every time I see, hear, watch, read anything with Matt, I become emotional. It was the first article I read in RR and what got me hooked. I Will is in my heart as an ex NY’r, as a runner and as my inspiration to due what I know I can do.


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