Last night I went for a slow recovery post-half run and this happened…!

I felt like crap when I started moving… it was humid and hot, and my legs were dead and stiff. But I always just know I have to wait 3 or 3.5 miles and it’ll get a bit better.

I decided it’d be slow and relaxed. Mile 2 was Harlem Hill. then the run took a life of its own.
Is there such a thing as a “progression recovery run“? Because if so, I just did it!

PS: I love how the hamstrings hurt after a race. It tells me I am actually pulling the legs up and using the hammies even in a slow run. Great feedback!

4 thoughts on “Last night I went for a slow recovery post-half run and this happened…!

  1. I always feel like crap when I start running. Things get better after the engine is warmed.
    Even my heart bit is very different. At the beggining, even when I’m slow, my heart bit goest to 160~170, then after 2 miles I’m faster and the hearbit stays around 140~155.
    That’s why I always warmup before a race. Even when it is a marathon, I use to warmup running at least to hours in a very slow pace.
    I noticed the same pattern when I go for a recovery run.


    • Hi Marcelo, I get the same patterns!! I don’t warm up for races shorter than 10k, because if I do I know I will go out too fast, I used my first miles as the warm up and then I am sure i will start with a conservative pace.


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