Giveaway: customized Official NYRR ING New York City Marathon Online Training Program (or for a half marathon!)

I used this program twice already, for the 2011 Footlocker Five Boro Challenge NYC Marathon, and then this year for the NYC Half. You enter ALL your running information in there and it gives you a predicted finish time. You get a (weekly or daily) email with the  workouts and you have an online hub where everything is recorded, listed and explained. If, midway through the program, you run a race and want to adjust your times, you can do that! It’s really cool because you can customize with your personal history and data, but also with races and times that happen thru the training, and keep it realistic. Plus, it gave me workouts I had never tried before… It also predicted I’d run a 1:35, which I thought was ridiculous (my last halves had hovered around 1:42s); and, I did 1:35:37!! I definitely recommend it. Also, you get the support of all the NYRR coaches, so, why not?

For this giveaway, we have available a program for NYCM marathon OR any half marathon.

You have THREE chances to play and win:

– Post below a comment: what you will be training for starting July 15 and why you’d like to win it, and maybe what you think your training needs help with = 1 entry

– Follow me on twitter, comment below you did so and your username = 1 entry

– Follow this blog via email (bottom right in the bar there –> on the right), comment below you did so = 1 entry

Every entry counts, do all 3!!! The 16-weeks program starts Monday, July 15th., so on July 8th we’ll randomly select a  winner! Super easy, right? Go for it and, also, share!

And in case you want to keep reading about the Official NYRR ING New York City Marathon Online Training Program here is more info, and their website:

The Official ING New York City Marathon Training Program is unlike any other; it uses data you provide about your fitness level, race experience, and scheduling needs to generate a workout schedule that will prepare you to run your race. Input your age, gender, training history, race results, and schedule to start training like a pro for November 3, 2013. You’ll be able to set realistic goals, and your online program will adjust as your fitness changes.

Other marathon training plans are neither dynamic nor flexible, they don’t cater to your schedule, and they aren’t specific to the ING New York City Marathon course. Our program uses proprietary insights from the NYRR marathon-finisher database and unique knowledge of the NYC course to get you on track. Let our experts take you all the way to the Central Park finish line!

35 thoughts on “Giveaway: customized Official NYRR ING New York City Marathon Online Training Program (or for a half marathon!)

  1. Is it OK to change a training plan in the middle? I suppose two weeks in is OK, especially since my current plan is 18 weeks and starts on Monday. OK, sign me up, Ely. I already get your blog email. I don’t twitter.


  2. I’m training for Hartford Marathon in October….so the timeline is close enough. I am always second-guessing my training and could use something serious in my arsenal to follow! Right now I’m following “4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon” and I feel like the training paces are just too SLOW (so I run faster….which is probably bad…..). Like Dave, I don’t do twitter, and I already get your email.


  3. Training for NYC Marathon on 11/3 and short of money and its my first marathon so I need help in all aspects which I hear this program is great for and to keep me honest.


  4. On July 15th I’ll be training for both the Chicago and NYC marathons!! Crazy–I was shooting for one and ended up with both! I need all the help I can get so winning this plan would be fabulous! My hope is to PR in one of these races!


  5. Following you via email!
    Following you on twitter! (I am yogimomnj)
    I am training for NYC marathon and would love to reach my goal time!


  6. I haven’t run much since the 100 degree heat of Boston 2012 and am new to NYC, am dying to find my zone again, but need to get back in the zone with a worthy goal. NY marathon for a cause seems like one.


  7. Haven’t trained since Boston 2012s heat. I’m ‘new’ to the city and need a worthy cause to get me back in my long run zone. NYC for a cause seems a worthy goal and PRing would be great. Following you via wpress reader, twitter @sjknycu, and looking forward to reading you!!!


  8. I’m a beginner runner who is signed up to run(walk/jog) the Rock and Roll Half here in St. Louis in October. I’ll be training with another newbie runner. This program would be amazing to work with as a newbie. We are just trying to finish it, make across the line and then celebrate the accomplishment.

    I have followed you on twitter and also via email, my twitter name is @oufannncyhuh


  9. This giveaway sounds awesome! I just followed you via email, twitter (@deeibraheim), and posting this comment as another entry. I am training for the New York City Marathon and it will be my first marathon. I have been doing the 5Ks, 4 milers, 10Ks, etc. to prepare, but as a beginner, I could definitely benefit from a training plan.


  10. I am training for the BAA 1/2 in October. I really need a new plan! This was my first half 4 years ago and 7 1/2’s later my first is still my best time @ 1:54


  11. I am actually following the my asics plan but this is not as much customized – so I am wondering if this NY Marathon training plan would support my coming 2 Marathon in Berlin end of September and NY beginning of November


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