how cool is this? – NYRR Giants Run of Champions 5K

2013-06-27 16.55.43

The results from last weekend’s 5K at Giants Stadium. A First place is always pretty ridiculous, but a 1st at a NYRR race is INSANE for me. This one will live with the other 1st AG place award I got this year, so they can strategize (or motivate me?!?). Pretty cool, right?

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7 thoughts on “how cool is this? – NYRR Giants Run of Champions 5K

    • hahaha, I don’t know… I am sure I won because everyone else didn’t want to schlep to NJ, or it was too hot something else…. I really can’t think of myself fast enough to win anything, I just can’t. Do you think I need a sports therapist????


  1. Congrats! And I’m with the others- you’re FAST… own it. You don’t even have to be delusional if the award is IN YOUR HAND! 🙂


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