Get this App NOW + your favorite app?

Aaaaah, saw this Road ID app and HAD to press FREE even if still in BETA mode. GET IT.

Basically, it has two amazing things: the ecrumb, where you choose a contact on your phone and you tell them,  I am going out for an hour (or 5!) and send them a link where they can track you running (or napping in the park or whatever!). HOW cool is that?!?!! PLUS, it sets your lock screen with info on your emergency contacts and some medical info. Even if you don’t run with your phone, someone could get it back to you if you ever lose it! LOVE IT. GET IT!

2013-07-24 13.05.312013-07-24 13.03.33  2013-07-24 13.04.00 2013-07-24 13.04.20

What’s your favorite running app? Please share and I can make a little compilation ok?

I am loving Charity Miles. Though I don’t run with my phone often, I like to turn that on when I do, I feel like it gives my run a lot more purpose.

Here is what’s on my Running folder (I am a psycho folder sergeant!)

2013-07-24 13.22.41


before I go, STAY SAFE!

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