Twelve miles of GERD

After 8 days of pain, I decided I wanted to try a run, so Friday I set out to test out my legs. I really had no idea what I was up against.

Consider this:

-in one week, I had lost 5 pounds

-i’ve been eating less than 1,000 cal a day, average is probably around 800

-i can’t wear tight things around my chest or stomach

-i can’t sleep a lot, or I sleep uncomfortable

-i feel weak and dizzy

I really had no idea what to expect. Getting dressed was a challenge, all shorts and sports bras felt REALLY tight (even if I was skinnier now!!!), I found an old bra and loose tights that did the trick. I brought Juan in case I fainted of course. I figured out it’s be easier in the morning when my stomach was empty, so nothing was sloshing around, I just had my pill and 3 tablespoons of honey for energy (the new gels!!!). I waited and hour and went.

Friday I did 4 miles. The beginning and the end were tough. My average pace was 10:45. If i tried to go faster, my chest would hurt. I was dizzy throughout and dead tired after.

Saturday was ROUGH. I did 5 miles, but I was miserable, I should have stopped earlier. I couldn’t figure out where I was (Juan was with me of course no worries!!!), was dizzy and couldn’t focus. I was really dead tired after. Pace was 10:30s.

Sunday, I managed only 3 miles. They were around 9:55, as I was running with my friends/team mates in their long run, but I couldn’t muster any more than that. I was completely blah after.

I am not even sure this is worth it, but crappy running is better than no running!

18 thoughts on “Twelve miles of GERD

  1. I’ve been thinking about you lately and hoping you were getting better. I’m glad you are out there running, but only if you are happy to be giving it a go. (if that makes any sense at all)


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