Boston! + Boston?

Well, so I am leaving right now, right now, for Boston. This weekend is the All State 13.1 Boston Full and Half and we have a big team participating with Autism Speaks. Very exciting. (Anyone of you around Boston? I am sure I will go for a few runs…) I’ll be there Thursday through Sunday and we have a few exciting things planned for the team, including a reception with running legends Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers. Whaaaat? YES. Seriously Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers. I am  SO freaking excited!

Last time I saw Billy was in 2010 for the BAA Boston Marathon, when he told me "Go get your Boston"... awwww

Last time I saw Billy was in 2010 for the BAA Boston Marathon, when he told me “Go get your Boston”… awwww

Anyway, will share more soon…

The other thing is… I wasn’t sure if I should sign up for Boston…

I got all temperamental back in April/May and wanted to do it. just because, you know. But I never had intended to go back to run Boston since I had already done it… Anyway, I debated, thought, slept over it, and mostly, friends convinced me on Facebook, and here’s the result…


Now, I wait for confirmation… I’d like to find a FAST marathon to do before Boston. Mid February to mid March, to be recovered for Boston, but we shall see about that… lots to plan. To start, I have to START RUNNING, and I am signed up to two marathons in the next two months… First I gotta build some endurance!

4 thoughts on “Boston! + Boston?

  1. Good for you on Boston! I wish I was around this weekend but I’ll be at an ovarian cancer race in South Boston on Sunday. Bill Rodgers is such a nice guy and so easy to talk to that should be fun.


  2. Great pic, I met Bill at the 2013 Boston Marathon signing his book. Great guy and surely a class act. Looking forward to Boston 2014 (# 5 ). I was one of those runners stopped 0.2 mi. from the finish. I am so excited this will be Marathon #14 and still going strong at 65 yrs. Good luck at Boston 2014!


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