2015 NYC Half Marathon: ALL the pictures

Just because, sometimes, when you’re having CRAZY FUN, it shows. And, instantly, I see myself shell $70 to pay for all the pics. I didn’t buy anything at the expo (cause I need nothing, maybe an extra room to store running stuff!!!) so let’s say I am even.

Also, who would have thought that running faster makes you look better?!??!?! Anyway, I have no idea what I am doing in some of these, like pointing…? who knows. I have to say, I had more than 70 photos from this event and it was hard to shrink the selection down to 25. Here’s my faves!

(the whole race report, for once really worth reading, is here)

8 thoughts on “2015 NYC Half Marathon: ALL the pictures

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  2. You look so happy! I wish I had more pictures from the race, but I wore my number on the side of my leg so I’m sure they couldn’t ID me.

    Anyway, thank you soooooo much for your spectating guide. My husband and two friends who came to watch me were able to cheer me in 3 different spots with the help of your post. One thing my husband asked me to mention was that it was far better to use the subway over trying to taxi anywhere because of how blocked off the city was. They tried and ended up stuck and hopping out of the cab to make a mad dash for the next location. He thought you might like to add that info the next time you post that guide again.

    Congrats on having such a great race! And, again, thank you for your detailed race guide. It made my day just that much more fun.


    • Ah, great point that I should have mentioned! I think it was somewhere in NYRR’s spectating guide but he’s so right. The few years I didn’t race it, I found the subway to be the best way to get around, and to have all that planned (which train to take, where the station was, to what stop, etc) because there’s not much time to lull around!
      So happy you had such a fun day!!! Congrats!

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