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A Runner’s Christmas Tree

Seriously, this hot mess only took 5 minutes to build, obviously, but I think it’s loads of FUN. I just taped a bunch of race bibs together and added a few bike lights, and voila! It looks crappier in the picture than in real life because it’s hard to get ALL the lights on at the same time…In the video, here, 2 seconds long, it looks a bit better!

For an hour a day, in 10 days I’ll be in my apartment in December, that’s good enough!!!

I still have tons more bike lights I could put up, but I got bored after 10 minutes. The idea came to me instantly, because I put so many lights on when I run at night that I always say I look like a christmas tree, well, there we go!  Gotta go run!!

A Runner’s Christmas Tree