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Running Biomechanics: Lightweight / Minimalist / Barefoot shoes are NOT the same thing

all right, let’s be clear so we all know what we are talking about:

Lightweight shoes, just like racing flats can be anything. High arch, high heeled, narrow fit, drops of 4mm or more, etc. It can be anything from 4 ounces to 10 ounces, anything, depending your needs (and size), and they usually have some degree of cushioning. They are just lighter.

Minimalist shoes are always lightweight but also they are always zero drop, that is, no height difference between the front and the back of the shoe (most shoes, even lightweight ones, have a heel). Minimalist shoes need to be very flexible but also have a very thin and dense sole, 4 or 3 mm or under. They need a wide toebox to allow the foot to splay out when collapsing on contact and they need to feel like you’re almost barefoot when you need some protection.

Barefoot shoes: there is no such thing. What part of bare feet are we not clear about?
(no, not even running sandals are barefoot anything!)

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Running Biomechanics: Do you sit all day?

Practice does not makes perfect. Perfect Practice makes Perfect!!

Check how you’re sitting, right now. Is your posture not so perfect? Are you also hunching down?

Your body gets used to this form and this becomes your normal position/posture. Your core gets week, your glutes disappear, etc. There are many studies that conclude that sitting is one of the worst things you can do for your health.

If you work in an office, get a standing desk if you can. Or schedule a 5 minute walk and stretch every hour.

I like to lower my desktop (I place it on a stool) and squat a few times a day for a bit. Or just get up and walk often, sit back, and make sure you do a few drills to straighten up before your run, or your all-day-slouchy-form will catch up with you, literally.

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