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My new training partner!


We are super close already and it knows a lot of my secrets (like how much I love/hate planks, depending on my mood that day!

We’re really close lately, with gyms being closed and me staying put in the apartment so I thought it was time to introduce it to you all!

Anyway, it’s very light so I can move it around all day, but mostly just avoiding its stare when we both know it’s time for a quick workout!

It comes with a very powerful motor to inflate AND deflate, and it doesn’t take much space, which I really appreciate, given I live in a typical NY apartment.

It is also quite light but seems like it supports quite a lot of weight.

It comes with several youtube workouts you can do along, or we can just free-will it. It depends on my mood of course.

But for one thing, I haven’t been getting those neck and lower back pains I used to get every single time I did crunches. THOSE are awful.

Also, I don’t need to pull blankets, yoga mats, yoga blocks, towels, and whatnots so my bones don’t get hurt/chafed/etc like they do when pushed into the wrong surface. Also, benefit number 342, I like the added element of balance it brings into the workouts. BALANCING IS HARD for some of us ok?!

Also, or Plus -because I have so many alsos above already- either you don’t have a gym ($#&! covid) right now or you don’t want to pay for it, or you don’t want to waste time going to and from there (I am all of those), so this is all AT HOME. This is a huge game-changer for people like me who also don’t like changing clothes to go outside.

So, like you see in the picture of the box I posted above, there are many things you can do (it also comes with a sheet that tells you all the positions you can do or try to do

For example, my right wrist has been a disaster for the last 20 years (did I tell you I was a volleyball superstar when I was in high-school?!?!?!?! but ugh, it messed up my wrist!!!) so I can’t do a full plank or pushups. With my Aerotrainer, I now have more options…!

See there, wrist? I-don’t-need-you-at-all!

These are SO SO HARD…

I haven’t fallen off yet, but stay tuned. If I do fall, I’ll get you pictures, I promise, the husband is always at the ready to capture anything messy!

I need to get better at these, I am trying. But that is why we are here, right? SAY YES.

I am totally not sweating my skin off, you are! OMG.

Time for a bit of relax… my core and legs are exhausted…

I love stretching my back and the couch/bed doesn’t do it. This is better than a spa sometimes!!!!!

I am not very flexible so there is really no way for me to do this on my own.

Hanging like this feels amazing. Now someone please just pls turn the tv on!

I swear times one hundred that this stretchy pose is saving my back. I even felt taller after it. I bet you can totally tell! I think I walk differently too. No, I didn’t any yoga!!!

Also, I might stay here a bit more, okay? this is soooo relaxing… shhhhhh, I am in nirvana. As you were… bye.

And, no you can’t borrow my best friend. Get your own here!!!