My Reason to Start – II

My Reason to Start – I

As there was no apparent reason for my heart problems I decided there was no way I was going to be heart patient. Just like that! I decided to start running to prove all the doctors wrong and to keep them away from me. I figured if I said I was a runner they’d let me be…

My boyfriend at the time was a distance Runner; I think that’s where I got the crazy idea to start running. He never seemed to get tired so he was a great inspiration. I couldn’t understand why someone would get up from where I was and go Running. WTF was that???

So I went jogging once or twice a week. After a couple of years, a friend forced me to sign up for a race, though I wanted nothing to do with it. A Half Marathon no less!!!! Obviously, I HAD to start training, somehow… And once I started training, I was hooked!!

Seems like jogging or Running never did the trick for me… or even the idea of Racing. But what I really really like is the Training itself, above ALL!

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