Best Joke Ever

I am a fan of The Office and the “That’s what she said!” joke that Michael Scott uses so often had gotten a hold of me lately… I use it at work a lot. Yes, very inappropriate, but we’re all inappropriate here!

So, last weekend’s long run turned into a continuation of that (though, if I recall correctly, he started!!!).

And, of course! A run is the perfect place for this joke. Actually, a long run is the perfect scenario for any joke… you’re tired, you can’t think much, and need any kind of easy distraction, that’s what she said!!

See? I use it way too much, but here’s a sample of the 15 miles we did:

I think we’re getting really good at this
    that’s what she said!!
Just a little bit longer
    that’s what she said!!
This is really hard!
that’s what she said!!
Keep at it!! Slowly! (up the hill)
that’s what she said!!
I can’t believe we’ve been at it for this long
    that’s what she said!!

This hurts so much but it’s so good!
    that’s what she said!!  
You’re pounding it like a warrior
    that’s what she said!!

I am really exhausted, when is this going to be over?
that’s what she said!!
That’s right; nice and steady
that’s what she said!!
It hurts a little but it’s not too bad
that’s what she said!!

I am sure you have more… Come on, don’t be shy!

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