Mini 10K – The Media…

After a couple of days pics of my tutu started appearing everywhere… but that’s not the craziest part: I was on the news… in the Norwegian news!!!!

If curious, you can see the watch the clip here. You can see Deena, Mary, Jack, and… me!

The whole clip is just over a minute and I am about 22 seconds in.

Apparently, this is about me: Hun var veldig inspirerende, både som løper og som menneske, sier Elisabeth Maiulo.

I am just guessing. Gosh, I only had 4 minutes in the corral to take pictures, do that interview and get ready so I had no idea what I was saying… I didn’t even end up having time to get Garmin a satellite!!

My team also made an osom video! It’s here. I am at about 1:30, and 2:55 with my crazy outfit. The guys in light blue were the men from the team, all male team members were recruited for cheering by NYRR, a fabulous idea!

Then… the official pictures complete the circle of craziness!!!!! Don’t laugh!!!!!

I am ridiculous and I am not ashamed!! 😉

Mini 10K – The Media…

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