Dear Men Who Hate to Be Chicked, I have 3 words for you:


(Ok, plus an exclamation mark!)

Just so you know, unless you are less than a handful of ethiopians, kenyans and just 1 Jamaican, running a particular distance, YOU will BE CHICKED. 
It’s just a fact.
Ok, maybe there are not many women faster than you… in your town, in your team, in your household, but they are out there. You can’t think it won’t happen or react when it happens. Really, it makes you look stooopid.

It happens (to me) so so so so so often (maybe because NYC has tons and tons of runners) that I don’t care anymore. But you look like a total fool. Like an IGNORANT fool.
I am not gonna lie, sometimes it’s fun to show you a lesson. Like last night. I was having a particularly fun run, until I passed a guy and he took it personal… Oh well. I have two choices, ignore it and waint until he figures it out, or have some fun and show him.

I don’t consider myself fast at all, but I know pacing is my biggest strenght. I WILL notice if all of a sudden you surge after I passed you. And, I am also not an idiot; I can tell by how hard your breathing is, how long this surge is going to last. The thing is, if I had passed you in the first place, is because I am ok with this speed… get it now? Still not..? So I just keep my pace and soon enough you’ll come back, exhausted, or, like some of the ones with some pride, take a left and dissapear before they let me pass them again… Like I don’t know you can’t possibly hold this!

Or, I can show you. I’ll pretend to be pushing to pass you, I’ll stomp harder (so you think I am closer), I’ll breath louder (like I am coming for you) without putting any real extra effort. Ah, you’re so weak and don’t I know it… You’re the easiest pray of all. So easy and so much fun.

Really, get over it, you look stoopid.

And, really, what’s the big deal? Do you always feel bad on your easy days? On the first weeks after an injury or a hangover? Are you embarrassed to be passed??? Run your own Run, it’s stoopid to get caught up and you better train your brain before race day, or you’ll be in trouble.
I’ve been passed by every type, every-single-type. Focus on your pace. Don’t let a punk like me play with your stoopidity and then tell everyone about it! What happens in Central Park does not stay in Central Park (or so told me the 4 NY cops who wanted to take me in, but that’s another story?!!?…)

Still, cause you’re a runner (and we’re all a bit crazy), ALL is forgiven!

Dear Men Who Hate to Be Chicked, I have 3 words for you:

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