What Is Your Secret Weapon?

The more you run and race, the better you get to know what works for you and I’ve ruled a few things out and prioritized some by now. Gotta live and learn…

I am good at not doing things I don’t want to do: speedwork, hard workouts, running hard, eating well, eating enough, eating a bit less, cross training, resting… YUK.

During training I basically just roll with the punches. But I know I have a staple that is always there, no matter what, to ensure that everything is taken care of: HILLS. Or, actually, Hill Sprinting. Excuse me, HILL SPRINTING.

I feel like I could get away with a 5 mile week, or running on no sleep, or with too many a cupcake on my tummy, or chatting with too many people to even notice what pace I am doing, but if I do one hill workout a week, it is all good. Hills are my secret weapon. They give me confidence, make my legs stronger, make me push super hard, work my core and my form, make me exhausted, exhaust my lungs and heart and there’s no pounding because it’s uphill!

For example: Tuesday was a complete mess of a day. Had a super stressed day at work, not much time to eat, just had a bowl of lobster bisque and a creme brulee coffee. I don’t drink coffee often, or ever, that’s all I had all day! By 4 pm, with all the stress, I was shaking, talking too fast, having palpitations and a bit dizzy. Scary. I was so scared (and hyper) I decided to go hill sprinting (of course). I’d fix myself or die trying. Result: had the fastest rep in two years. TWO years. #crazyconfidence!

For a race, I have the staples: Staring conservative / Never Giving Up /  Great Pacing and Fueling / Running Tangents / Being Relaxed / Having very low expectations/ Making Friends and Finding Contenders… But mostly, Having Fun.

So hills and fun are my secret weapons. Ah, maybe that’s why I always say hills are fun?!!?!!?! What is your secret weapon?

What Is Your Secret Weapon?

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