The “101 uses of BODYGLIDE” GIVEAWAY. Yeah, a fun giveaway

Want to play and win the BODYGLIDE product of your choice?
It’s very simple!
-Post in a comment below what you use BODYGLIDE for, besides the usual uses… Or what you could use it for…
-PG13 please!
-One comment per screen name per product (you have two products you want to talk about? Two comments)
-Products you could post about:

Original Anti-Chafe: Protection and relief against chafing, friction, cracked and dry skin, all over body use from head to toe! 

For Her: Maintain skin comfort all day from sports and everyday activity to help prevent chafing and rubbing that cause hot spots and blisters.  Great for feet, thighs, and with bras!

WarmFx: Help relieve minor aches and pains from sore muscles or jumpstart tight tired muscles! The more you put on the hotter it gets! 

Liquified Powder/Skin Glide: Technically advanced cream that transforms into a dry, silky smooth shield against irritation- great for feet and toes!
-Post by Monday, May 21, and we will randomly select FIVE lucky winners. You can then choose what product you would like to receive, and it will be mailed to you.

And… here is another chance to win some free products on Facebook!!!! Bodyglide is giving away some prize packs (Ipod shuffles, gift cards,etc) to their fans! Enter here to win. Good luck!

The “101 uses of BODYGLIDE” GIVEAWAY. Yeah, a fun giveaway

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