Another milestone down!!!!!!

I was finally entering my results from the 5K last week I have a super official spreadsheet. There is a column there that indicates if it’s a PR, that was a LONG columns of Nos, until last week, oh, and there is a column for the Age Grading in there.
Did the math, well I use RW’s calculator and found that the Age Grading was 71.29%!!!! It was my goal since last year to get up to 70%. The closest I got last year was 68.50%. And so far this year, I had only gotten to 66.78%.
So, there. 71.29%
Very happy with that!
I think that’s a pretty good way to still be happy about results, not only a week later, but more in a long term pattern, when we start getting older… Right? AG is the way to go!
Should we move that goal to 75% now????? Yeah?

Another milestone down!!!!!!

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