The Wiriness

Nine days to marathon day and I feel wiry. It’s the only way I can describe this. I feel made out of wires.

These wires are thin (my skinny pants are falling off), very bendy (the little mileage makes me feel like I am losing muscle tension), and fully charged. I am not feeling the taper madness, but I feel ready. I don’t like the little mileage week, but I know I need it.

My family seems worried that I look gaunt = I am ready. I am at the perfect weight, though I have NOTHING to wear. I tell them what I’ve told them every month before a marathon, they don’t listen, eat a sandwich. I eat ALL DAY!!!! And Still… I think I played the taper perfectly this time (though we’ll see how it pans out). I don’t have any nerves at all. (Yet). Nothing. I just want to run. And eat my nutella the day before!

PS: running the 5th ave mile tomorrow. It seems crazy to be racing a mile 1 week and a marathon a week later, right? A bit all over the place!

The Wiriness

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