The 20-minutes run

I have been a little tired lately so… after a week where I kept waking up at 4 am because I was on Berlin time, I’ve switched to the other end: sleeping in. Which means, I am too tired/lazy to wake up and run.

Sunday I did 13 miles of pure hills and I was destroyed. I really haven’t recovered from the marathon, I am run-down, and hence this stoopid chest cold that will not go. YUK.
Today I gave myself an out. Quality over Quantity. I wanted to do 400s (it was suggested I should do them) but I was sore and slow and broken down.
So, I tried a super short workout (cause I woke up late too!).
2 Miles of the highest grade hill I have around.

From a 10 Greatest NYC Hills Workout article, how convenient I live just a few minutes away. I am not sure if you have an idea what 3% feels/looks like, but I can describe it as HELL.

3%. Up and down, up and down. Getting to two miles was hard.

This is what all heart rate, pace, and elevation looked like. Cadence was the only stable thing.

And then I was done. I wasn’t sprinting. But it’s still probably the most efficient workout and the biggest bang for your buck when you can’t get up early (hello dark October/November mornings, see you every morning!).

Can you even believe I was happy with just 2 miles? I never ever thought I’d say that.

The 20-minutes run

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