NYC Marathon Race Week (News!)

So I told you more stuff was cooking, let’s start with one!

I was asked last week to be the Social Media Reporter for the NYC Marathon.
(I said yes instantly without even knowing what it entailed, OBVIOUSLY. Eventually, I calmed down and got more details.)

Basically, I’ll get access to all the events, take pics, tweet them, and scoot to the next event, and more tweeting. Really, what I’ve been doing every year, but with a NYRR official stamp on this time!

HA, Also…
I’ll be marching with Team Argentina in the Parade of Nations. Carrying the flag. I’ll be Miss Argentina. HA. But seriously.

So, you’ll see me at the expo, the pasta party, the Dash to the Finish 5K, the press conferences, the parties, the whatever. I’ll be there, in my official gear, with my official credentials. And if you’re not running, and want to see how crazy I get, you can folow me on twitter: @emaiuolo

Are you as excited as I am?

NYC Marathon Race Week (News!)

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