Reporting from the South!

Ooooops, seems like almost a whole week has gone by and I haven’t had time to even blog!

I got to Argentina on Friday early and the days before I worked like a maniac to get things done. Once I landed I was so exhausted from the past week and the overnight flight (11 hours flight, which turns into an 18 hour trip!) that I couldn’t see straight. I still decided I needed a short run to shake the coldness, tireness and non-sleep off.

There is a really night nice residential area where you can run. Streets are dirt, not a lot of cars, many trees to give you shade… The problem is I get lost because the streets are not straight. Luckily my dad volunteered to be my pacer on a bike for the first few runs! I loved it! I never had a bike pacer before!!!! We even did 800s on Sunday morning!!! He would even point to the turns ahead of me so I could do tangents! Very cute.

It has been pretty nice to be able to run in shorts and sports bra in the middle of December. On Monday, though, it got really hot, to a feels like of 115 during my run. Funny thing: I did not check the temperature before I headed out so one mile in I noticed that my heart rate was up to the Max and I was doing very easy pace, like marathon pace +2 minutes. Since then it has been in the 70s which feels like winter. I am not kidding I even wore two jackets yesterday. On the other hand, I am getting a really nice tan already.
I am excited, the running is still going great and there’s a 5 miler on Monday I think I’ll do!!

Reporting from the South!

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