Finally, my weird 2012 numbers and notes

I’ve added the last years for comparison purposes… and my comments in Italics. I expect your comments too!

Total Miles: 
2009- 678
2010- 1217
2011- 886
2012- 1241
—Highest so far, but not by a lot and not really that much. As I focused on the half for half a year, it was quality over quantity. It worked. Thumb up.
2009- 10 (9 in NYC, 1 in Nashville)1 marathon, 2 halfs, one 18 miler, one 10k, one 5M, two 4M, one 3 miler and a Mile.
2010- 19 (13 in NYC, 1 in Boston, 1 in Boulder, 2 in NJ, 1 in Philly, and 1 in Buenos Aires)
2011- 12 (10 in NYC, 1 in DC, and 1 in NJ)
2012- 16 (13 in NYC, 1 in PA, 1 in Germany, 1 in Argentina)
—Not my highest but a decent amount. A couple of them abroad is nice too. Thumb up.
2009- Six! (Out of 10 races)
2010- Thirteen! (Out of 19 races)
2011- Six + 1 automatic one (Out of 12 races)
2012- Three (marathon, 5K, mile) + 1 automatic (out of 16 races)
—Three is not a lot, when there were 16 freaking races… BUT, a 10 min PR in the marathon, and two short races, almost makes up for it. Even thumbs.
Highest Age Grading:
2009- 60%
2010- 69%
2011- 68.5%
2012- 71:29%
—This is really how I measure success in a race, and I had wanted to go over 70% in a WHILE. Took a bit long but it’s amazing when it happens. Two thumbs up!
2009- 2 — retrocalcaneal bursitis (5 months out), piriformis syndrome (10 weeks out)
2010- ITBS (three weeks out right before the Boston Marahton!)
2011- broken shoulder, 2 broken ribs, torn rotator cuff (2 weeks before NYCM!)
2012- NOT ONE!
—Well, I don’t have words to qualify this one. Two thumbs up here too.
Races Cancelled or DNFed: 
2009- none
2010- One DNF, a 50K where I fell twice.
2011- Chicago, DNS because of 2 stress fractures.
2012- ONE DNS (snow storm!)
—I hardly care, but it was kind of lame of me to chicken out of snow just because I was tired and wanted to stay in bed. Thumb down for being a wimp.
Highest/Average Weekly Mileage:
2009- Highest: 40. Average: 13
2010- Highest: 40. Average: 23
2011- Highest: 36. Average: 17
2012- Highest: 40. Average: 25
—I like these numbers. 25 a week, with the results I got is pretty amazing. Thumb up!
2009- One (NYC). PR: 3:45:22
2010- Two (NYC and Boston). PR: 3:42:33
2011- Two (National and NYC). PR: 3:37:57. DNS in Chicago for injury.
2012- One (Berlin). PR: 3:27:44
— Just one marathon, yes, BUT (I was going to do NYCM and) Berlin was amazing, a 10 minute PR, a half PR, a negative split, and no pain whatsoever. Two thumbs up.
Half Marathons:
2009- Two. PR was 1:45:55
2010- Six. PR is 1:42:47
2011- Two. No PR.
2012- Two. No PR. (though there was an unofficial half marathon PR in the second half of the Berlin marathon)
—Lame. I wish I could have run a half in the second half of the year because I think I could have PRed, but there wasn’t one I was able to do. Thumb down.
Balance: a really good year in paper with a few nice accomplishments. In my opinion: my best year so farI got up to 71%, I managed to run my best marathon ever, perfectly, and changed my form to not get injured. Not many PRs but in my eyes, those three things make me really happy. I couldn’t be any happier with 2012! Obviously, all I changed this year really paid of and it’s great that there is still a lot to learn. Now, onto the new challenges for 2013!!!

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