Racing all over Bermuda

So I was in Bermuda for the Bermuda Marathon Weekend. Friday was the Mile.

We all scooted over to Hamilton, and the mile is run on their main street, pretty much like the Fifth Avenue Mile!!

Bart Yasso was doing the announcements and he did a huge shout out for my team, as we had our own corral: corral two, the first one right behind the elites! It’s super cool to be part of a race that is SO accomodating…! There was this whole parade with bands before the race got going. It was quite exciting.

2013-01-18 18.51.33 2013-01-18 18.47.30

Saturday was the 10k, start and was in a stadium, which was really windy and I think that was the start of my downfall (of course there was a downfall!) as I was completely underdressed and freeeeeezing for 6 hours. I kept doing laps in the track just to keep warm…

2013-01-19 09.12.20

nice finish line!

2013-01-19 08.17.54

the team… ready because they had no idea just how hilly the course was going to be… For what I heard the 10K course was tougher than the half or the full…

2013-01-19 08.52.21 2013-01-19 08.52.50

At the start.

2013-01-19 09.33.11

Jenny and I, I know you’re looking at the track and not us!

2013-01-19 10.58.24

Anthony, the race director who I had been working with for months, and Bart, my boyfriend for the weekend (HE said that, no me!!). I love him.

2013-01-19 09.28.41

Soon enough we see the winner approach. Soon after we start seeing our participants. A few of them placed really well, even 2nd and 3rd overall in the whole triangle challenge, which I think it’s pretty crazy to start with: I run a few of those hills!

the most exciting part is around the corner…  but I need a nap!


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