such an unexpected run today…

You know I rarely every talk about my runs or my own training but today… interesting.

I hadn’t run since my slow half on Saturday and wasn’t looking forward to it: I have been eating all I felt like and I really have a lot in my head, all good, but I am super distracted. Well, this morning was sunny and it smelled like Spring: Gotta RUN!

I was just going to attempt and fun-easy-katyperry-paced run when I see Bart Yasso was hosting at run at Super Runners Shop. Ok, I am in.

I show up and I knew half the people there, or everybody.  When we took off, I decided to chase the leaders. Uhm, GREAT idea. They were going at it. This one guy was a sprinter and not even putting his heel down, and there was Kathleen too, who, omg, was flying like it was no big deal. I asked her for her PRs because I could tell… I almost fainted all I remember was her marathon: 2:44. Well, I tried to hang on. I felt heavy and sore still from my two halfs these past ten days but I did the faster 5 miles I probably ever did in the park. I kept thinking about that post I blogged about today about going out at an unsustainable pace: I’ll run at this crazy speed and then I’ll stop and cry my way back to the store. Somehow, I finished. I did think I was gonna die in the last block, but I didn’t. It was close.

Anyway, the gratuitous photo as usual:

2013-03-27 19.32.35

First picture with myboyfriend Bart.

This week.

And one more, let’s see if you can spot me, who knows what was happening…


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