Please don’t stink.

You all know by now that I like to run in as few clothes as possible, BUT it’s mostly out of efficiency. I don’t have time to do laundry and in NYC most people don’t have washer/dryers so I have to carry loads of clothes to the laundromat! It’s a pain, so I am into laundry control, as you can usually notice by what I wear or not. So I got used to throwing my sweaty running clothes in the bathroom sink as soon as I get back from the run to let it soak with Tide or whatever (plus clorox) while I shower and be done with that.

Enter WIN.

I am not 100% sure what the specific technology behind this detergent specifically designed for workout clothes is, because I don’t read (it’s all in their website, ok?) but it works perfectly and definitely a lot better than all the other detergents I’ve tried in my running clothes.

Once you throw in in the water, you see the fabric turn a different color (like it’s killing my slowiness left in the fabric!) … weird, but you can actually see it working. Anyway, I like it. And if you want to try it, just go here! Share it/Spread the love (and the nice clean scent!).

photo 2

Just had to wash this because a few flies got caught there during my half marathon and died there. My tutu was really lethal. And gross.

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