What’s your favorite Running Movie? You won’t guess mine

Well, you don’t have to, I am about to tell you. I hate suspense. I just really really don’t like waiting.

I decided to post about this because most people I run into, have never heard of it! SERIOUSLY!?!?!

Before you throw old running shoes at me, I will declare that there’s a million running movies I LOVE. And they’re probably all I watch when I have time. But, if you had to pick one… which one would it be? Let’s settle for 3 if you want. It’s tough isn’t it?

My favorite is Saint Ralph. 95% of you haven’t heard of it. You might know Spirit of the Marathon, all those, but Saint Ralph.. who? WATCH IT.


My #2 and #3 is a toss up. But I am going to limit myself to

Run for your Life (this could also be #1, really, it’s that amazing)


Without Limits (pending you don’t gag with Jared Leto, but whatever, Pre was also hotter!)


So, had you heard of Saint Ralph? If not, would you please netflixit and tell me?!?!

What’s your top 3?

19 thoughts on “What’s your favorite Running Movie? You won’t guess mine

  1. I didn’t like Saint Ralph. Sue me. Couldn’t past the ridiculous premise. Without Limits was good. I just watched it again a few months ago. I’d say Spirit of the Marathon, On the Edge (about Dipsea) and Unbreakable (WS100) are my favorites.


    • Won’t sue you, it is a bit super ridiculous, but that’s what I like about it, to get to see things from a kid’s perspective, when things are quite ridiculous and dreamy and also, SO much fun.. but I still like you B!


  2. Heard of it, saw the last 20 minutes of it, don’t remember it, have to watch the whole thing!

    My three:

    On The Edge (Bruce Dern, Dipsea)
    Without Limits (You know)
    Race for the Soul (Western States)
    The Runner (David Horton, Pacific Crest Trail)

    Ok, so it’s four.


  3. I love Marathon Man! I know, technically it isn’t a movie about running, but still….. I have heard of Saint Ralph but haven’t seen it. Now I’m reminded of it and will have to check it out.


  4. I haven’t heard of St Ralph either, but my girlfriend forced me to watch it, and I bursted into tears with it! GREAT movie!


  5. Like I said, never watched a running movie! But I want to watch Spirit of the Marathon very soon. Maybe this weekend… I don’t often watch movies unless with my husband and kids. Kids; self-explanatory, and although husband runs now, he’s not into a movie about it yet.


  6. Without Limits is w/Billy Crudup. You’re thinking of the other Prefontaine movie called Prefontaine. Seen St Ralph. Liked it. Did not care for Spirit of the Marathon at all-nice people, lackluster cinematography. Would take Run to the East (https://vimeo.com/22031233) instead. Also, Personal Best, Hood to Coast, and Chariots of Fire, or this 9 minute ESPN short called The Finish Line (https://vimeo.com/23071084), or any of the innumerable videos by Bennet Running (Why do you run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eXqAWjJ_dE or The First Gold, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dFgH_vDh6E&list=UUROLRJY2oPPbjsNmBgmJxIQ&index=8)


  7. I haven’t watched a bunch, but I remember watching The Jericho Mile when I was a kid, so I guess that is my list. (unless you count Forest Gump)


  8. Saint Ralph is one of my favorites as well! I bought it for my coach as a thank you gift and he also loved it. Also love Without Limits (a lot better than Prefontaine!). Have you seen Unbreakable yet? I see someone else mentioned it. It’s pretty exciting. I’m always looking for new running movies, will definitely follow these comments!


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