What makes you a runner?

Besides running, obviously… Though during the times when we are injured, we’re not non-runners… If we can’t run, it’s not like we forget about it; actually, we think about it a LOT more: when would I be able to run, what doctor should I see, what should I be doing to get better, what do I have, why oh why does this happen to me?????? –> into infinity. So, to make it very clear: not running does not make you a non-runner…
So, what is it?
What makes YOU a runner?
Is it…
The runner’s high or the joy you feel after a run
The stressing about about an upcoming or race, and not quite sleeping the night before
The fact that you plan your life around running
That you do insane things like competitive eating, stocking jars of nutella and downing those crazy gels
That you sometimes look in the mirror and, no matter what you see, you love what you’d become and how strong you feel
The amount of gear you have everywhere; technical shirts, shorts, watches, running shoes, etc. etc. etc.
That everyone knows you “as the runner” or that that’s one of the first things you bring up when you meet new people
That people know there’s a chance you won’t drink (or even hang out) on a Friday night if there’s a race/long run on Saturday morning
That getting home all drenched in sweat with blood blisters and feeling completely exhausted is the best feeling in the world.
The fact that you think anything in the world can be solved with a good run
That you love the person it makes you 
For me, it’s all of the above, plus the life I get to enjoy because of it.

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Once a runner, always a runner.

9 thoughts on “What makes you a runner?

  1. All of these reasons resonate with me. Pointing to one single thing as the reason I love running is like asking for only one reason why I love my husband, or my child.
    Every facet of my life is better because of running. And it feels so darn good.


  2. I think it just boils down to the fact that I enjoy running. I’ve been through ups and downs with racing and training, but what I keep going back to is that feeling of being outside letting go on a beautiful day. Maybe it sounds corny, but there it is…..


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