And these are better

you know when you do a race, look for the pictures maniacally for a day or two, theeeen you find them even though now your post is already old and who cares, and then you go back, like a week later, and you go it’s too late!!!  So tragic how it all works out right? Only that the pictures I just found are EVER MORE ridiculous than the last ones, so it is really not tragic at all.

I dare you to top these. Go ahead.


photo 3photo 2photo 4

I train for this. I do.  I jump and smile and practice in front of the mirror. Sometimes I take the mirror to the park because you need to practice while you run,  you know? I am very dedicated. Who cares about finish times?!?!

I am going broke at marathonphoto this month, I can see it happening…!

And this one is for no reason whatsoever:


Happy Friday and Happy Weekend everyone!  I am bursting at the seems, and more than usual!!!

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