For all of you who have dangling keys on the run… or friends with dangling keys…

Grab a hair band, the thin ones, I am sure there is one around somewhere. If not, ask any girl you know, or email me and I will mail you a few, just because; this is important.

Put it in the key chain, it won’t bother you ever, I promise you:

2013-05-23 17.13.00

Then, when you go for a run, you tie it around the keys, and VOILA, you’re nice and silenced. Throw in pocket. Done.

2013-05-23 17.13.11

Please do it. For everyone’s sake. We will like you now 😉

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21 thoughts on “For all of you who have dangling keys on the run… or friends with dangling keys…

  1. I always wrap a cute hair tie through the hole in my keys and just leave the hair tie attached to my key when it’s on the key chain. Then when I need it for a run, I take it off the key chain and wear the hair tie as a bracelet. If the key bounces around too much, I’ll just wrap it in the hair tie, so it lays flat across my wrist! Works really well for me, and it’s a pretty similar concept!


      • Yeah, I think that might get a little overdone. I’ve done two keys before, but I put them on separate hair ties and on separate wrists. When you get to three, you’re out of wrists! Haha. Definitely a better solution for less keys.


  2. My key has a tiny carbiner on it. I clip the carbiner to my sports bra strap and put the key inside. Silence! Yes! The hair tie is a GREAT idea for more than one key for sure! Thanks!!!


      • Hehe all I can do to help fellow runners!

        The only thing is I do like the fact that people can hear me approaching as I run on a very busy seafront – people hear the jingling and dodge out of the way!


        • I like to cough, or sing out loud. But, if you need to make noise, and it doesn’t bother you, then keep at it, I once wanted to run with those little jingle Christmas things (jingle bells?!?!) and threw them out after a block, it drove me bonkers!


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