To get the award or not get the award

The Love of Awards!

I have been getting a few of these age group placings lately and I always feel like they made a mistake. I feel really awkward about them. I say Thank You, I smile for the picture, but it all feels weird and fake to me.

They made a mistake!!!!!!!


Were all the fast women my age doing something more fun I wasn’t invited to?

Should I just leave it there in case it really was a mistake?

I am always afraid they are going to call me on it.

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11 thoughts on “To get the award or not get the award

  1. You should totally get the award. You really shouldn’t feel like you don’t deserve it. If you earn it, you earn it. You need to own that. Plus, when you’re old and grey, you’ll be happy to have it. 🙂


  2. Oh goodness, if you’d live around here you would REALLY feel awkward. It’s so stinking easy to win awards here. I can have a crappy 5k and still place. In fact, I’ve never not placed at a 5k except my first one. And my 5k PR is 24:03! I know, it’s embarrassing.
    Part of it is living in a rural area where running is not popular. Also, we have such long and severe winters here (100+ inches of snow) that many people only run during the summer/fall. So I guess if I’m willing to run all winter and smoke the out-of-shape competition in the summer, even with my lousy numbers, so be it.
    But I’m moving to TX, soon, so I’m sure I’ll have to earn it there.


  3. Hey, whenever I get an AG award I take it and get out of there before someone can say, oops, we made a mistake! One time I joked with my veteran runner uncle that I won an AG award because all the fast people stayed home, and he said, “Maybe you are one of the fast people”. Puts a different perspective on things…..


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