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Newport 10k (NJ) Entry GIVEAWAY! #newport10K

Next weekend I am going to Jerseeeeeey! I am planning to win run the Newport 10K, a fun and flat race, a quick swim away on the Hudson. How about you do it too?  Obviously, the entry is coming straight from the race organization, so it’s all super clean and fun of course. Here’s the info you need:

May 5th, 8:30 AM

Newport Town Square, 100 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310 (easy to get from NYC via the Path)

The Newport 10K will take place along Hudson River waterfront and showcases amazing views of the Manhattan skyline. The USA-TF certified course, comprised of flat and local roads, and interweaves along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway with spectacular views of the New York skyline. it is really scenic. Participants have the chance to win over $15,000 in prizes. 

Post-race festivities will begin at Town Square Park at 10:00 a.m., featuring music, refreshments and prize drawings. been to those, they are amazing.

Proceeds will be donated to the Jersey City Medical Center – RWJ Barnabas Health, the area’s only not-for-profit hospital, and the regional trauma center.

Check out the event website for more info. The views are truly amazing and it is very FAST!

newport 10K race (1) newport 10K race (2) newport 10K race (3) newport 10K race (4)

Anyway, get your entry: Just comment below, on the wordpress post. You have until Sunday 29, 8 pm to play and we’ll pick a winner on April 30!

Good Luck, and… see you there?

Summer Streets in NYC

What is Summer Streets, you say?

On three consecutive Saturdays in the summer, nearly seven miles of New York City’s streets are opened up for everyone to play, run, walk and bike.

I love Summer Streets! You get Park Avenue on the Upper East Side all the way downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge for yourself, and then some. There are events, water stations all over, and you really feel like you own the streets. I love Summer Streets, did I tell you already?

The first one was last Saturday, and I missed because I was racing the Team Championships… no way I’d miss this one!!!


In case you are the type that could get lost following the crowds: a map

Blaise, Patricia, Juan, Kyra, Jessica, Shawn, Gerry and I met by the Brooklyn Bridge at 7:30 and we got moving, they were all doing a long run (16 to 20), and Juan and I were shooting for 12, all about 8 or 8:20 pace.

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (1)

We might be the only south americans that are always too early to everything. And what happens? we do stooopid things like these pictures!

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (2)

thanks lady runner for this shot. ALL ready to go!!!!! Let’s do this!

We decided to take on the Brooklyn Bridge first. Well Patricia decided and we all usually do whatever anyone suggests!summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (3)

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (4)

THIS. only. way. and. time. to. be. there. seriously, right?

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (5)

Now on the Manhattan Bridge, back towards the city

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (6)

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (9)

Elizabeth, take a picture of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha, I did!

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (7) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (8)

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (10) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (11) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (12)

Back in the city and on Summer Streets!

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (13)

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (18)

very sweaty and thirsty gang!

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (14) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (15) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (16) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (17)


I love these things. Yes, I love water, I love free water, and I love water that is everywhere. These things are EVERYWHERE. So I love them. Can I be more repetitive and obvious?

Towards Grand Central now…

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (19) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (20) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (21) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (22) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (23)

And now on Park Avenue, north of Grand Central, my favorite stretch!!!

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (24) summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (25)

Then we headed into Central Park, because, it’s there, you know?

This is the route we ended up with, Brooklyn Bridge to, duh, Brooklyn, back in the city through the Manhattan Bridge, then back to Summer streets up north to 72, north in the park for a Harlem Hill Climb and … that was 12 for Juan and I, the rest kept going

summer streets 2015 pictures nyc run elizabeth maiuolo running (1) If you haven’t gone, DO IT. SO SO SO worth it.

1- go early, 7 am, it gets very crowded (and almost not worth it) after 9ish.

2- there’s those water stops, so no need to carry fuel belts.

3- take pictures. it’s amazing. I can never get over it.

4- plan a post-run brunch along the course, so you can watch everyone go after you finished your run!

Promise me you’re going next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYRR Achilles Hope and Possibility, 5 Miler… FINALLY

Another weekend, another race. Seems like races is all I write about lately! Well, I just counted, and I did SIX races in June… 87 miles total and 18 of those were racing! wow, 87 is not much… but there was a lot of tapering before races and resting after races… Sometimes the racing bug bites me and you know there’s no antidote for that… July looks a bit race-less, well, probably 4 races (all my races are listed here if anyone is interested) but I am hoping I can stop this madness and get some more quality training and miles in! Fingers crossed.

Every year, I do the Pride Run. It’s SO fun and a points race, and always spectate and cheer at the Achilles Hope and Possibility. It’s wild that we have 2 5 milers back to back on a weekend but the Achilles race is amazing to watch. So inspiring. Check out the race pictures here if you never have.

On Saturday, Carolina and I had planned to go cheer at the Pride Run. I took a lot of pictures that you can see here, but I’ll leave you with this craziness:

pride run nyc cheering tutu spectating carolina pena

We cheered our freaking legs out! My hair is TOO LONG.

Sunday, I woke up early. Juan was already up as he had planned to bike but it had been raining, so he was just going for a long run… I got ready, had TWO cups of coffee and set out to run the 1.5 mile to the start by myself.

I had two things in my mind going into this race:

  • the weight. I had been hovering at 106 for the last 3 weeks since I was sick. And my last two races, I felt flat. Was I tired from the 5K a couple of days earlier or was this weight catching up? I asked Juan, he gave me very politically correct “you know your body better than anyone else”. I love him. I was fine last Saturday at the 5K I won, then I was flat and had no kick in the 5K three days later and the Mile on Sunday. Nothing. We’d find out soon what was happening. Am I weak or was I just not recovered?
  • Something told me I was going to do well in the this race. This, I didn’t mention to anyone. I was 100% sure. Since the day I signed up. I have no idea why. I found myself thinking of mantras when running to the start line, which I never do. I was ready to set myself on fire and blast out of the gates. Maybe it was the two coffees but I was 105% sure.

I run into Juan on my run to the start.

achilles hope and possibility pictures nyrr jon steward results central park (1)

I look so tall!

We kissed and he said he’d be at Engineers Gate, waiting to cheer: that’s mile 2. Weather was fine.

achilles hope and possibility pictures nyrr jon steward results central park (1)

A bit humid but it was overcast. I barely felt the humidity to tell you the truth. When the heart is fired up, there’s no slowing down for the little things!!!! I had checked my post about my 5 Miler PR, which was in the 2010 Pride Run with 35:37, and a 7:07 pace, memorized the splits, did all the homework, I was ready…

Carolina had signed up but she got there later and never saw her! I lined up, saw a team mate Adam in the corral, chit chatted around a bit, and heard all the speeches. Jon Stewart was there as usual, being funny and fantastic.

achilles hope and possibility pictures nyrr jon steward results central park (3)

A bit blurry because my iphone was in a sandwich bag in case it rained. Which did. BUT AFTER THE RACE!!! 😦

Soon enough, there’s the gun and hand-cyclists go. 10 minutes later, the runners go. And we are off. I trailed behind a girl wearing a purple tnt shirt for about a half mile, and then broke free. I had started a it harder than usual, but it was sustainable pace. Mile 1: 6:50. Mile 1 was mostly flat, Mile 2 on the other hand, has Cat Hill on it. I kept truckin’ trying not to slip off the pace: Mile 2: 6:59. that’s fine for the hill mile! Still on pace for a PR. As soon as I clicked Mile 2 and headed to EG, I relaxed: this is going to be the fastest mile and Juan was there… Hey!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He yelled at me, I yelled at him. And as soon as that happened I heard my name also coming from a few other directions. I turned left and I saw Stuart! If you don’t know Coach Stuart Calderwood, you should! He’s a freaking legend!! He’s got a bunch of American records and one of those “sub 3 marathons in every decade” titles, plus he has a 28 year running streak (that’s EVERY DAY people!!!) and he’s super fast, and a NYRR Coach, and really fast. Plus, I get to run with him once in a while. Well, he shouted, then I heard someone else, then someone screams from the bridal path (turned out to be Eric), I look down and my heart rate had spiked from all the excitement. NO!!! Focus Elizabeth!!!!! Mile 3: 6:47. FAST YEAH! I have to admit, mile 4 is when I start to hurt and question everything in life. I wanted to quit, or go slower, or sit down. “Don’t give up in your head because then your body gives up” one million times. I always slow down in this mile (same in a 10K) and it’s just a matter of saving enough for the last mile!!! Hang on. Mile 4: 7:16. It’s ALLRIGHT. Just one mile to go. I spent all of mile 4 doing the math: if I hit Mile 4 about 28 minutes, I can PR. that was all I came up with. Of course, when I got to the clock, I forgot to look… haha. The last mile is a tough one, but I was ready to hit it hard. As soon as I leave the reservoir, Stuart, who had crossed over from the east side, joins me and keeps pace with me. He was telling me stuff, I feel awful but I have no idea what he was saying. I do remember something about trying to catch 2 girls who were ahead of me, and I knew I just didn’t have enough for that. It was not a chase race for me, it was a race to try to PR and I had to keep my head on my pace. I tried to navigate all those little hills as careful as I could but my breathing was SUPER loud and I knew I was annoying everyone around me. I always feel so bad. Some guy even turned around from about 4 yards ahead of me. Oh well. I tried my best. I really felt like I didn’t have the kick I usually have but I got the job done: Mile 5: 6:45.

achilles hope and possibility pictures nyrr jon steward results central park (5)

Yeah, that happened. I crossed the finish, freaked out at the time, dry-heaved for a bit, thanked Stuart for the company, finally started breathing, saw a lot of people vomiting, and then I looked at my watch. 34:36. That’s ONE MINUTE and ONE SECOND PR.

2015-06-30 08.54.41


That’s a bit much huh? Is my watch really working?

achilles hope and possibility pictures nyrr jon steward results central park (4)

Well, I have the 5 miles so I think yeah. I got overly excited really fast. Then Carolina showed up and we took some pictures!

achilles hope and possibility pictures nyrr jon steward results central park (15)

OMG look at her stomach!! and she has FOUR KIDS! Plus she’s a sub 3 marathoner. Crap, I have to think of a good excuse, quick!!!!!

achilles hope and possibility pictures nyrr jon steward results central park (17)

someone was happy…!

well, it’s official. I PRed. After 2 years, 2 months and whatever, it finally happened. by a minute, which is A LOT in 5 miler!!!! Also, I am FIVE years older since the day of the PR… crazy.

achilles hope and possibility pictures nyrr jon steward results central park (3)

Stats Time:

Finish time: 34:36 Average Pace: 6:56

Previous PR: 35:37 From: June, 2010

Age Grading: 72.28% 

Overall Place: 157 of 3,318

Gender Place: 19 of 1,627

Age Place: 2 of 389

I am ALSO happy about the Age Grading of 72%. I’ve been getting to 70% often this year, but 72% is the highest so far, EVER.

Carolina and I grabbed some Shake Shack they had at the finish, plus some goodies, coffee at Le Pain and walked home in the rain.

achilles hope and possibility pictures nyrr jon steward results central park (18) achilles hope and possibility pictures nyrr jon steward results central park (19)

I was soooo hyper  from the two coffees and the race time, I had no clue I was walking through the whole city soaking wet… oh well. Juan was so happy… we celebrated with more Shake Shack and then some 16 handles. Because.

I am so happy it finally happened.

So, apparently this weight is ok. I still feel like I have no kick at the end, but turns out I am running faster from the gun, instead of saving more for later… it works. Doesn’t feel AS GOOD but I’ll take it!

Oooops, I did it again: PPTC Al Goldstein Speed Series 5K

Because apparently I have a substance abuse problem (besides sushi) and I can’t stop. You know, I am not really really racing, but I do treat my weekly racing as the best workout I can do all week. When do you ever go as hard in a workout? If you’re in a race.. then, you do! I believe 100% in racing yourself into race shape! Plus, you do learn a lot about pacing, and nutrition, and gear, etc. Then, there’s the other things, that you can’t figure out… how I do so well when I haven’t slept, or felt like crap, or have a stooopid race when it should have been great or conditions were perfect. Still trying to figure that out, any tips?

So the Prospect Park Track Club puts these awesomely fun 5Ks every other Wednesdays in Brooklyn, at 7 pm, and it’s a great chance for me to get out of Central Park for a bit and do a tough 3 miles all out. That means, having just done a 5K on Saturday, that I had to skip my beloved Tuesday Speed workout… oh well. Sunday I did 5 miles easy with 2x800s in there, Monday was an easy 6, and then just rested Tuesday and Wednesday. Which, you know, not really rested, but didn’t run…

The fun part about these night races is all the stress about what do I eat? when do I eat it? I do all day. For future reference, I OF COURSE, had sushi at 12 (chirashi, though I skipped the salad), then lots of water and tea and coffee by 4 pm. Then more water. (you watch, next time I won’t remember, won’t reread this, and do something stoopid).

Flor, Tessa and I were having a fun time. Turns out there’s this whole new restaurant there at the start in the park, with a big rink and a burger place. So cool.

Prospect Park Track Club Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5K Brooklyn New York race report results pictures (2)

By the way, this race, 3 years ago is my 5K PR, 21:09 from 2012. I went back to check my mile splits, so I’d knew during the race how far off I was. 1: 7:23, 2: 6:30, 3: 7:03. Good to have something to pace off!

The race start is a 5 minutes walk down from there. About 6:50 we headed there and then we waited and waited… eventually we got going, I see about 20 women ahead of me, but it could have been 40 or 10, who knows… the first 3 or 4 minutes everyone is just trying to figure out their pacing. Tessa was going to run with me because she swore she hadn’t done any speed since Brooklyn Half and didn’t want to race. AH. I told her, if she felt bored with my pace, or just wanted to, to go. She left me after about a minute!!!! hahaha, so happy to see her go chase her speed! There’s one hill in Prospect Park, and I knew it was on mile 1. I have no idea when I went up the hill: I didn’t even notice it!!!!! ha, when does that happen? Mile 1: 7:24. Well, close to my previous race in 2012!!! OKAY. Mile 2 I passed about 5 women, then, there was just this one girl in the green shirt and I know I chased her down for a LOOOOONG time, but I have no clue if I caught her!!! Mile 2: 6:44.  I was really trying. Then I was just running with these two guys and I tried my best to keep it steady and hold it. Mile 3: 6:45. Meh. Not happening. I felt really really flat. I guess having run a very hard and hot 5K 4 days before is something I don’t recover from that fast. I’ll take it though. I felt ok, just had no kick. I ALWAYS have a KICK!!!!!

Finish time: 21:33 officially. Exactly 3 seconds off last Saturday’s 5K but… weather last night was amazing compared to Saturday… oh well. Still happy with it!!!

2015-06-18 16.43.31 2015-06-18 16.43.41

I love that NYC Runs sends you an email as soon as all the results are final with all of it. LOVE this technology!!!

Prospect Park Track Club Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5K Brooklyn New York race report results pictures (1)

and turns out, there were only 7 women ahead of my.. ALL YOUNGER!!!


Tessa was 4th overall and first in her AG. SO happy she left me. Sometimes, the races you don’t even worry about are the funnest!!!!!
Prospect Park Track Club Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5K Brooklyn New York race report results pictures (9)

Then they called the grannies, ME!!! I had also won my AG, holy crap, because there’s lots of fast women in PPTC! two medals in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!

Prospect Park Track Club Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5K Brooklyn New York race report results pictures (11)

Showing the hardware….

Prospect Park Track Club Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5K Brooklyn New York race report results pictures (16) Prospect Park Track Club Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5K Brooklyn New York race report results pictures (17)

So, I have lost now about 9 pounds since I got sick 2 weeks ago but I’ve been racing a lot better… there’s something to this weight thing. I wish I had tried this before… 9 pounds is a lot for me. I used to be around 112 pounds to 116 for the last months/years (and anything up to 120 at some points, like vacations and Thanksgiving) but I assumed that if I lost weight I would be too weak to run… excuses!!!! so now I am trying to see if 109 can be the home and go up and down a few pounds (today I woke up with 106). I remember the 1st time I run Boston (2010), I was around 100 to 102, and it was fine… Apparently, I had some weight to lose and now I got to it by luck. We’ll see if I can keep this up and not overeat…

2014 – Looking back and forward

And there goes another year. It was quite full of experiences. There were a lot of great things, lots of love, friends, big family visits, all exciting, but not all sunny and happy, of course. I think it was one of those years when you’re supposed to grow a lot. Running-wise, it was probably my worst year; I lost motivation and failed miserably (but with dignity!) in most races. I don’t see that as a particularly bad thing, it’s a learning process and we can’t always win them all. And off-the-track, it was amazing. We just can’t have it all, can we? 2013 had been a big year. BIG BIG and busy. I met Juan in January, he moved and we got married by September, I changed jobs, PRed at the Half and got a few AG Wins. Then I got an ulcer and it all went downhill, including my 5th NYCM in a row (a blah 3:49). 2014 started weak…


You can imagine how weak it started that I didn’t even had resolutions or goals. I wrote tips to run in the winter because I was having issues with it myself! I was signed up for the NYC Half and the Boston Marathon and barely run. The cold just got to me and I lost a lot of will. Then, I fell again for the 3rd time in 5 weeks. A mess. I started to fear running. COLD and SCARY: little running. Total Miles: 77

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Juan and I showed up in the Runners World feature: Valentine’s Day “Romance Found on the Run“, and I was Women’s Running Blogger on the Run. But, we moved out of my studio into the penthouse.  I felt like I spent all winter hiding from the cold. I trained little. Very little. Total Miles: 87

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I had a slooow NYC Half but it was quite photogenic, fun, and really well run, progressive-splits run all the way! I was still struggling with motivation and goals. I also had a fun trip to SoulcycleTotal Miles: 105

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I had an ok Scotland 10K, though I had no interest in racing. Soon enough, we shipped to do the Boston Marathon, here are the Saturday pictures, which are awesome, and the Sunday pics, also awesome. And then there was the race (race report here), slow (3:48) and painful but oh so inspiring and uplifting. Glad I was there for the race (not for my legs or ego!). Total Miles: 80

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By now things were looking awful, I hadn’t PRed in a YEAR. A YEAR. So depressing. And I kept struggling with motivation. I decided to stop running completely. I still showed up to the Brooklyn Half Marathon, not knowing if I’ll even run it, and ended up having a great (and slow) time, seems like it’s all about the context for me! Total Miles: 41

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This month was also quite running-free and my parents came to visit so I was pretty entertained and didn’t even notice. Still, I did my 100th race, the Mini 10K, as they wanted to see me race in Central Park. This was literally painfully slow. I did run it with 2 friends but it was so slow, I didn’t even run that slow years ago when I started running! And, a fun picture. I took my parents to Bear Mountain and Connecticut and run a bit there, and a bit in the Fort Lauderdale heat, so cute. Stuff gets bad fast when you don’t run, how do non-runners live like that? Total Miles: 30

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In July, I saw Daphne, an old friend, running, and basically latched onto her. For Dear Life. I started training again. Good, because I was signed up for a few halfs and the NYC Marathon. Total Miles: 111

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Did some wonderful running in the always great Summer Streets, worked and cheered at the NYC Triathlon, then Juan had an awful bike crash in Central Park, which messed up our lives for a couple of months, poor thing. I barely left his side, only to train or work. The running was going fantastic though, fast long runs… who would have thought? Total Miles: 152

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I cheered at the 5th avenue mile and took lots of pictures, here and the pros here. The running was going great until we left for our delayed honeymoon in St Croix, there was no running there (but lots of snorkeling!) Total Miles: 116

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and we came back straight to racing! First, the, Grete’s Great Gallop, in 1:44. Still, slooow, but getting here. The week after, I did the Staten Island Half, in 1:43 (it’s a bit flatter). Consistency and good predictors for the marathon in 3 weeks. Then the week before the marathon, I did a 5 mile race in Central Park, the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff, in 37:17, average pace of 7:28. Far from a PR. Still. By then it was a year and a half. But feeling GOOD. Total Miles: 132

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November was BUSY. I started it at the NYC Marathon Expo, which was all loads of crazy (even if smaller compared to previous years) and an Under Armour Party. Worked all week and then did the marathon, here is the race report of the #marathornado. I struggled to stay focused (in 3:49) so I just chilled, slowed down and tried to enjoy it. oh, whatever!!!! I ended up in the Asics  homepage, I tried one of those treadmill studios, I kept Juan company at the Rocky Balboa run and got many pictures, and I bought a million of really-cold weather running gear. And I raced some more!! I did the Race to Deliver 4 miler in Central Park, which I enjoyed, and then a 5K on Thanksgiving, where both Juan and I came first on our AG. Winning! November was rock solid! Total Miles: 88

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Seems like the year just picked up at the end! December was great too. I spent .0005 minutes detoxing from Thanksgiving and 2 weeks eating my way through Buenos Aires. Even though I was a bit overweight and slow, I did ok (21:04) in a hot 5K, where my 67 year old mom joined. What a thrill! As soon as I got back to NYC and got a reminder of what last year’s winter tasted like, I got a bit depressed. Somehow, I’ve been running quite a bit in December, even capping the year of with a holiday pictures themed run, and watching the year close with fireworks at the NYRR Midgnight RunTotal Miles: 87

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And there you have it. Though the running was QUITE blah, the rest was wonderful, so I’d say it’s a win! What awaits in 2015? I have no idea, not signed up for anything, thinking about not signing up for NYC Marathon this year, and maybe focusing on the half marathon. I am turning 40 in a few weeks and I am just trying not to push anything. Whatever will happen, WILL happen. Right?

NYRR’s Ted Corbitt 15K – Winter Wonderland!

I promise it gets fun towards the end..

Well, I am not going to get anyone riled about this one. If something, this is a testament that I can sometimes control my pace… I was NOT racing, I barely showed up to get my last NYC marathon qualifier in and I had one hundred other things I had preferred to be doing. Actually, snow was in the forecast so I spent most of the day before and the night checking to see if they would make it a fun run (you get credit towards the marathon but you don’t even have to show up!) but they didn’t. I was exhausted. I had just come back from Buenos Aires two days before and my husband was super sick with a bronchitis (fever, coughing, the works) so there was no sleep and I really didn’t want to leave him alone at all. I was going to be back in less than two hours and it was early, and the start was less than a mile from the apartment so I knew he’d be okay, but he had a horrible night and neither of us slept. I got up to this:

ted corbitt 15K nyrr


It was not supermotivating. Because, mostly, I am in really crappy shape. I haven’t trained in months. I was tired. I had overeaten in my Buenos Aires vacation until I food-poisoned myself… I was coming off a rough week. Plus, coming back from the nice early summer runs in 70 degrees to this frigid cold… I really didn’t want to go!!!!!

But, alas. I HAD to. I really had no choice.

My plan was to get there as close to the start time as possible so I wouldn’t freeze waiting around, not check a bag, run as easy as I could without freezing, and run straight home after I finished. Does that sound like a race strategy? No, I know. But it’s because I wasn’t racing. I was just completing the course and going home without even stopping. Lame, but it’s all I had.

So far from last year’s NYRR’s Ted Corbitt Classic 15K!!! I had a fantastic race, did a 7:27 average and loved the distance… this time, I would be happy to keep it smart and finish without dying or slowing down (ha, like my last race, the NYC Marathon!)

My race, time, and pacing was quite uneventful, as we could all expect, see some veeery conservative (though NOT dying at the end) pace here:

ted corbitt 15K nyrr 3

Nothing to write home about… 11 minutes slower than last year and I barely cracked any effort zone… 8:37 average pace (1:20:10 official finish time) in 9 miles is not even a tempo…!

But… WOW.

It started snowing AS soon as we got moving. I am not kidding. It was freezing cold, we were all shivering and dreading it. Then as soon as the horn blew, SNOW showers… Em, gladly I was covered up like a maniac and I had clear sunglasses to protect my vision (I’ve fallen with clear weather, so why make it riskier?) so I was prepped for it! It was gorgeous. I am not sure I would have loved it if I was racing. People were slipping left and right and I saw a lot of people struggling to see, the snow was coming from everywhere!!! But… it was gorgeous! I don’t have many pictures as I left the hubs locked in, but there’s a few amazing pictures in the NYRR race gallery. I felt awful for the volunteers and spectators, I am sure they were frozen. But 9 miles are over soon and in a bit, with two loops the park, I crossed the finish and kept going home, covered in snow and ice, and ready for a hot chocolate. What a race to cap off the year. Winter is here.

ted corbitt 15K nyrr 2

Summer Streets in NYC

What is Summer Streets, you say?

On three consecutive Saturdays in the summer, nearly seven miles of New York City’s streets are opened up for everyone to play, run, walk and bike.

I love Summer Streets! You get Park Avenue on the Upper East Side all the way downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge for yourself, and then some. There are events, water stations all over, and you really feel like you own the streets. I love Summer Streets, did I tell you already?

The first one was last Saturday. And I was excited and horrified that I would miss one.

As slow as I was, I let the boyfriend go first, do his mileage and then circle back to run with me. There was a little mist and it was cloudy: perfect. Less people!! We went out early because it becomes a nightmare later, closer to 11 or noon. He went out at 7, I met him at 9.

My distance and speed were non-important to this run, but you’ll get how amazing it was when you see the pictures. All photos are Juan’s.


In case you can’t go in a straight line: a map

2013-08-03 09.26.44

This is where it starts, on 72nd and Park Ave, heading south, towards Grand Central in the background…

2013-08-03 09.26.53

I look bent like my stomach is hurting. Which is probably the case always,

2013-08-03 15.29.02-1

On the other side of Grand Central. Looking like I digested something now. Also, what you do at stops signs.

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Most of them don’t bite


If you live in NYC, you know Brian. you just do.

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I love these things. Yes, I love water, I love free water, and I love water that is everywhere. These things are EVERYWHERE. So I love them.

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Make sure you read the “repair” part before you throw a tantrum.



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At the end: the Brooklyn Bridge, which is never this lonely!

My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Kara Goucher

Kara said:

My most embarrassing running moment was probably the time in HS when I went to pull off my warm ups and realized I forgot to put on my racing shorts. Tears and a quick change later I was on my way…



Kara Goucher is an American middle and long distance runner. She was the 10,000 meters bronze medalist at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics and represented USA at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics. She made her marathon debut in 2008 and finished third at the Boston Marathon.



My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Bart Yasso

My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Lauren Fleshman

My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Molly Pritz

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My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Molly Pritz

Molly said:

My most embarrassing running moment was one of the first practices of my college career. Our coach gave us a 3200m time trial to do. This was my chance to strut my stuff and have all that summer training pay off! Literally 100m into the time trial, I tripped and went down HARD. I’m fairly sure I felt every one of my teammates’ spikes either go into my back or kick my limbs. By the time I got up, the wind was completely knocked out of me and the last place runner had at least 50m on me. I got up, with tears in my eyes, and a nasty gasping wheeze while trying to catch my breath and finished my pathetic time trial. As if this wasn’t embarrassing enough in front of my new teammates, I followed it up by slipping and falling off the bus in front of everyone at our very next long run. To this day, I think my college team sees me as one of the clumsiest runners of all time. 

Molly Pritz is a professional runner sponsored by ASICS who won the 2010 Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon in 1:12:14, was second to New Zealand’s Kim Smith at the 2011 Mardi Gras Half Marathon in 1:11:05, and won the 2011 USA 25K National Championship in 1:25:28. She was also the first American and 12th overall at the 2011 New York City Marathon, running a 2:31:52.


My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Bart Yasso

My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Lauren Fleshman

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My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Lauren Fleshman

Lauren said:

My most embarrassing running moment was in high school. I was rushing toward the startline of a race because I was almost late, and right on the infield next to the start, I stripped off my sweatpants and accidentally pulled my shorts off with it, and there I was standing bare assed in front of the entire stadium. Not awesome!

Lauren Fleshman was the U.S. 5000 meters champion in 2006 and 2010, and has competed at the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in 2003, 2005, and 2011. She competes in a variety of middle and long distance events, ranging from the 1500 meters and mile to the 5,000 meters. She debuted in the Marathon November 6, 2011 at the ING New York City Marathon, finishing 12th. She currently trains in Eugene, Oregon as part of the Nike funded professional team Oregon Track Club Elite. Fleshman is the Co-Founder and Brand Director of a gluten and dairy free energy bar company, Picky Bars. In 2013, Fleshman joined Oiselle, a rapidly growing women’s running apparel company, as a sponsored athlete and business partner to create new products, opportunities & messages for female athletes.


My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Bart Yasso

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My Most Embarrassing Running Moment: Bart Yasso

I’ve had so many ridiculously embarrassing moments that I figured this must have happen to everyone. So I decided to get out there and ask around. Get ready because I have already collected a few that will make you have another embarrassing moment of your own 😉

Bart Yasso said:

My most embarrassing moment was doing my PowerPoint presentation at the Bare Buns Fun Run. I had no clue until I arrived at the location that the runners would be naked at the pasta dinner. The race wanted me naked and on a stage to deliver my presentation. I thought this will be easy: I’m not going to look at the naked people and hide beyond the podium.  Well guess what, no podium! I had a cinder block to rest my computer on. I guess it’s good practice if you’re nervous about public speaking.

Who is Bart Yasso in case you have been living under a rock… Stay Tuned, more coming soon!!! 

bart yasso bermuda Bart Yasso Bart Yasso Bart Yasso

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To get the award or not get the award

The Love of Awards!

I have been getting a few of these age group placings lately and I always feel like they made a mistake. I feel really awkward about them. I say Thank You, I smile for the picture, but it all feels weird and fake to me.

They made a mistake!!!!!!!


Were all the fast women my age doing something more fun I wasn’t invited to?

Should I just leave it there in case it really was a mistake?

I am always afraid they are going to call me on it.

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NYRR Run as One – 4 miler – Race Report

I have more background to this race than a race report really: I signed up at the last possible minute and until 2 hours before the race, I wasn’t sure if I’d race it..

Monday, I felt horrible. Horrible. Like I-hate-everyone-horrible. I had slept very little and was in a foul mood. When I got home, I was in such fury, I put my lightest minimalists on (the A5s) and went out. Soon enough I was doing mile reps, because. A bit after I joined the BostonStrong run, did 3 more miles and headed home. While I stretched,  I noticed I was stiff. I bent my foot as I always do, and CRACK. Something.

I kept my foul mood all night and said nothing hoping it’d go away.

Tuesday, it did not go away. I finally told Juan it was hurting.  I always think that if you don’t say it outloud, it’s not happening. I ❤ denial. So he bent it around, nothing’s broken. Then he went to town on my foot. I screamed, cried, bit socks, made a huge raucous, kicked, and felt like I was dying. He had said it would hurt. He also said he’d make it better. And for some reason, I believe him. No running. I still decided to sign up for the 4 miler on Sunday. Should I sign up? oh well, I’ll sign up!

Wednesday it hurt. No running.

Thursday it hurt. Little 6 sloooow miles with pain. I shouldn’t race.

Friday it hurt. No running.

Saturday, it hurt a little less. Should I even get up on Sunday? Will I make it worse? Ugh.

Sunday. No pain.

What? Yeah. No pain. Okay… maybe I’ll go, take it easy, and drop if it starts hurting.

Race Day.

Five blocks away from home, I realized I left my motoactv. No GPS, no mile splits and no music, UGH. I panicked for a second. Then I decided I’d be ok. I can pace fine but I’d miss the music and wondered if I’d get bored. Also, I breathe really loud and it’s annoying. Oh, well. On On. I was mostly excited to try out my new Mizunos Sayonara; I had loved them on Thursday’s run and didn’t even think twice about racing in them!

Security in NYRR races now is a big deal. You need to put your stuff in a clear bag to leave it at baggage. You need to show your bib to get into the race area. You need to show your bib to get into the portapotties area. Lots of security.

I understand it, 100%, but it takes a bit away from the experience. I always felt safe in the park, even with the assaults and other stuff that has always happened. This makes it a bit more real, but no complains!

Met my team, pretended to warm up (I don’t warm up!), and headed to the corral.

Weather was nice, 53 and sunny. I wondered if I should have dropped the singlet and race in my bra, I knew it’d hot soon.

The gun goes off, I count the seconds until I pass the start mat, just in case that’d help with the clocks. Approximately 25 seconds. I felt like everyone and their mother was passing me. No watch, I was going blind… I had no idea if I was going too slow. I DO love to start slow (on races!).

Clock on Mile 1 read 7:35. Uhm, was that a 7:10? Who knows.

No watch, no music, I felt I had more control on my speed. Mile 2 said 14:45. Or something like that.

I did get hot soon. There is two kinds of weather for me: Winter/Cold, and sports bra weather.

The whole way I felt super comfortable. Easy and Controlled. The foot wasn’t hurting and I was happy. I never felt out of breath, or like I was going too hard. I wondered if I was going too slow. I smashed all my doubts and kept at it. Legs were moving fine. Mile 3 came and went, and by the time I reached the top of the last hill I started sprinting. For the first time in a while in a short race I felt like I had a sprint. I passed a lot of people in that last half mile. I was running all out in my last 300 meters. Fierce face and all.

2013-04-28 07.56.52-2

Ben Ko: thanks for the photos! You’re always everywhere! PS: keep in mind these were in the last half mile.

Finished, with no clock to stop, with a 28 something. Yey, I thought! PR was 28:09 so I knew I wasn’t too far. Good.

Foot doesn’t hurt: I am HAPPY. That’s all I cared about.

Then I saw it…

2013-04-28 10.40.56


–        A PR

–        An Age Group placing

–        And a AG over 70%

 I just love how every run and every race always have such unexpected results. CRAZY.


Finish time: 28:00. Average Pace: 7:00

Previous PR: 28:09. From: September 2010, OMFG!

Age Grading: 70:23%

Overall Place: 568 of 6,998

Gender Place: 50 of  3,457

Age Place: 3 of 500

We hung out a bit at the finish, it was such a nice day to stay out in the park all day…

2013-04-28 09.53.43 2013-04-28 10.28.14

2013-04-28 10.07.02

Well, it was huge surprise, breaking a PR that was over two years old, placing, foot not hurting (thanks J) and yes, mostly excited for the month ahead… I am still not sure if I am doing the NJ Half this weekend or the Japan 4 miler. We shall see. And… Brooklyn Half in two weeks!

A very racy weekend without racing (Scotland Run and Colon Cancer)

I was going to just run once this weekend, Saturday, so I timed it perfectly that I got to the park when the Scotland 10K leaders were going by. We stood there and froze and cheered my lungs out during the race before our run, which ended up being right under 10 miles. My runs lately haven’t been that great, nothing worth writing home about. I think I might have overdone it a bit running two halfs in 6 days, mostly after my big PR. My legs have been heavy since and something is off with my hamstrings, they’ve been spasmming and twitching, even when I sleep… I am stretching and  hoping it’s just that I’ve been over doing it and not the extra weight I’ve been carrying around, because there is nothing not much I am willing to do about that. But cheering at the Scotland run is always fun as a lot of people  dress up (I put a lot of FUN pictures up in this post) so it was a great morning!


On Sunday, I had signed up to volunteer at the Colon Cancer races, there was a 4 miler and a 15K and didn’t notice they were over an hour apart and my shift would be over 5 hours… So I was up at the crack of dawn again (which for me is a sin on the weekend IF I am not racing) and triple bundled up like a maniac. There were 30 of us there at Engineers Gate to be course marshals on the east side and I was the only one looking like the michellin man…

2013-04-07 09.49.09

I was placed in the right turn on 94th st, which in a way, was a great/tough spot, because most runners will hug the curb and not take the whole two lanes, but cyclists and everyone else gets shifted to the tiny right side of the road and were NOT happy about it. At all. And they were vocal about it. I am not going to pretend I don’t like to scream a lot but I was as nice as possible and all I could say back was something about please be safe and follow the rules. They hated me! (like I care!). Safety first people!!

Now, the race was fantastic and I felt awful not having signed up, weather was perfect for running (me, on the other hand… completely froze after 1 hour even with all the layers I had on!), and there were some fast times happening! Saw a lot of friends running, cheered for everyone (when I wasn’t taking people off my lane!) and I had a fabulous time. I am not gonna lie though, 5 hours is a bit much for me, I like 3 hours better but with two races they shifts get longer and no one wants to do them… but I had fun and got to cheer on two races, while also helping out!!

Spring is in the air today… dying to run up and down every day, but I have to be smart, I think…

NYRR Scotland 10k in Central Park was… well… Scottish!

I really wanted to race this (and get an overdue 10k PR but decided to not be stoopid and to just keep training. Run out of bed to cheer before our long run…

Wake up and scream faces!!


The leaders


Then the fun began…









straight from the race to a nice afternoon beach stroll too outfit




my favorite! he juggles balls all throughout the race (every race!). Actually, this guy below might be my favorite for this one time…


hope you all had amazing races!! have a great weekend!


NYRR’s Ted Corbitt Classic 15K – Excuse me but those legs are mine!

I signed up on Tuesday for NYRR’s Ted Corbitt Classic 15K. Online registration closes on Tuesday, when a race is not sold out, which is always. As usual, I looked at the weather, looked 40ishy, and as I don’t do well in the cold, I always check. 40 is perfect. I am in.

How do you run a distance you never run before, pace-wise? I hadn’t run a half since May and a 10k since June, so I figured it had to be somehow faster than my marathon pace. HA. That’s me and my super low expectations! My pace in the Berlin Marathon was 7:55 so I figured that if I did 7:40s I could be very happy…
Race morning, it’s 39 degrees. I had NO clue what to wear. I didn’t want to freeze out there before and after as I was going to be hanging out with friends, but I also didn’t want to be hot during the race… Pffffff. I also didn’t feel like wearing a jacket. I am  wild rebel sometimes. Two shirts seemed like I’d freeze. So I wore THREE shirts, two long sleeved, knee-length tights, and leg warmers. Yes, it did not make any sense at all, but I liked it.
I get there, see my two teams and catch up, such a fun race to see everyone at! Seriously everyone was there!
In the corral, I see two team mates, I ask what pace they’re each going for, 7:20s: I definitely will NOT be running with them and I tell them. As soon as we go, I kept telling myself to stay relaxed and not pass anyone. Anyone!!! Let them all go!!!! That always seems to help. I am not sure why, but the less I care about the race, the faster I go. I relax and find my inner rythym! I was clocking lowish 7s so I was happy wit the numbers motoactv was shooting into my ear, and that it felt easy.
ted corbitt 15k nyrr central park (3)
I am the one with the blue leg warmers. Still, everybody else has more clothes on more than me!
Five minutes into it I was already hot. Pffft. Like burning hot. Took my gloves off and inserted them in my shorts. By Mile 6 I had to take 1 shirt off, I was dying… but I am good runner in the heat…! wink wink.
ted corbitt 15k nyrr central park (1) ted corbitt 15k nyrr central park (4)
Good: I did the whole race with no food. No breakfast, no gels, not even a drop of water during the race.
Not so Good: It was a weird race… No one was running tangents, and it was crowded so it was a bit annoying. There is a lot of zigzagging in the park so it’d make a lot of difference in people knew how to do it, so I did what I could.
I finished somehow strong, but in shock that I could do such a fun and relaxed pace and still get low 7s in most miles. I sometimes think I am mentally stuck in the paces I used to do when I started and can’t get used to how much I’ve improved…
I do remember feeling during the race how it easy and comfortable it felt. And how it was the best way to close my running year in NYC with a race that felt so good. It’s weird right? I am the one who always hates racing… 2012 and I are in love!
Stats time!
Finish time: 1:08:04. Average Pace: 7:23
Previous PR: none, automatic PR!
Age Grading: 68.46% (anything close to 70 makes me REALLY happy)
Overall Place: 453 of 4014
Gender Place: 67 of 2115
Age Place: 12 of  588
I have been looking for the legs I had in Berlin since then and I felt them today! It was not as good but halfway there: I have been experimenting with muscle tension and I think I am closer to finding the right formula!
Guess who won? Delilah Dicrescenzo! Cool, right? (you know who she is, she had that song named after her!). Pics in the link at the top!
The race gives awards to faster teams by adding their top 5 runners, and the 5 top women in my team managed to score 2nd place! I was fourth in there, so glad to help get the team placing! Woo hoo, and that’s another medal! I picked up around 5 of those babies this year!
I think I love this distance. Or I love it because I hadn’t done it before and had no expectations. It’s close to the feel of a half, it’s hardish but not all out as a 10k would be, the goldilocks-option: it’s juuuuuuust perfect!

Fitness 4 Miler RR: A few steps closer to the “dream”

The first race of the “five in a row” was this past Saturday and it went exactly as I had planned it, andbetter than I expected… but I do tend to have very low expectations.
To start, Friday was Fashion’s Night Out, and not wanting to miss out on anything, my friend Flor and I created a shock and awe plan to attack the stores and be in my apartment to eat pasta and go to sleep on the earlier side. I really wanted to do well in this race. I was committed. We stuck to our plan, had fun and cookies/gelato/cupcakes, even got a free FNO dri-fit shirts at Niketown and headed home for fuel and rest. This ties up to my previous post: I don’t want to miss out on ANYTHING! My dad tells me at least twice a week “You can’t sit in 2 chairs with just one @ss“. Well, I gotta try!
Saturday morning, I was ready to go. IN DA ZONE. I could not have been any more focused. We got our Starbucks and face game on. I lined up in my corral 2 minutes before go time and spotted my team. Megan was there, and I wanted to stick with her, she said she was aiming at low 7s and wanted to do the first mile slow, like 7:15 (Cat Hill is there!). I said Perfect, I’ll just make sure I’ll stay tucked in behind you.
This race last year I clocked 29:34 (average pace of 7:23). My last 4 miler was on a very hot day, July 4th, and it was still a PR: 28:45 (pace of 7:11), and my 5 miler pace was faster than that (7:07), so I was confident I could get around 7:05. That was my goal. But instead of pace, I was going with my HRM, I’ve experimented enough with it, that I knew my first two miles had to be at 185 bpms, the 3rd at 190, and push to a bit over 200 from 3.5 miles on. That was the plan. And for once, the plan worked.
Rocco Dispirito did the intro

blog post photo

and we were off. I let Megan go and I took it easy. I felt really calm, relaxed and confident. In a 4 miler, that is ridiculous. I kept check on my HR and I seemed to be right on target. Mile 1 comes back and I was at 6:56. Ooops, too fast. Not a surprise though. But HR was fine so I kept at it. Megan was like 50 meters ahead, I just made sure I didn’t let her go further than that. Mile 2 comes around at6:54. Ok, this will start hurting soon. For sure. Two minutes later, I felt like I was dying, I wanted to quit so bad, so bad… But I kept telling myself, I always want to quit and this would be over very soon, it’s just a matter of holding it now. Just HOLD IT. HOLD IT!!!! Mile 3 comes by slowly and with a slap: 7:24. Yeah, I had lost it, but at least it was just one slow mile instead of 2! HR was still right on target but both Megan and I had obviously had gone out too fast. I catch up to her by 3.5 miles and try to not pass her. Then it just came to me. I got up beside her for a bit, then I pass her, and she hits the gas and takes off. I manage to follow a few seconds behind. I knew pushing her would help her and push me on the last painful half mile where I was losing my mind. Talk about team work!
I did 28:09, average pace of 7:02. My HR at the finish line was 201. Right on.
The NYRR photographer snapped a picture of me in my Nike’s FNO t-shirt, it’s on the NYRR site too! Pretty cool.

blog post photo

We watched the kid’s races, which is always super cute.

blog post photo

Then we had a team picnic near the finish line. This team really rocks. 

blog post photo

blog post photo

blog post photo

When I got home, and looked at my results, I almost flipped. I was at 69%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
This year, I had a few races in the 66% to 68% range. And my goal has been to get closer to the 70% Age Graded time. In case you have no clue what I am talking about, your age-graded score is the ratio of the approximate world-record time for your age and gender divided by your actual time. A performance level of 100% is approximately the world-record level, 90% equates to world class, 80% is national class, and 70% is regional class. Here is a calculator if you want to check it out.
69% is pretty close though. Could I be any happier with this race? No, not really.  
Philly Half this weekend: you better watch out.

RNR Philly Half RR: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A surprise as usual. Why no race EVER comes out the way I plan it????

I headed out to Philly Saturday noon.  I love Philly. I miss Philly!!!
blog post photo

I was staying at my best friend Maricela and her DH’s house, in Old city, a gorgeous part of Philly. I was already attacking the Nutella jar in the bus, with a bag of pretzels I managed to finish in 20 minutes. Maricela was on call this weekend and she got called in, I kept her company, as I used to work at Jefferson when I lived in Philly some years back, but that meant we had dinner late (at an amazing new place called Barbuzzo) and didn’t go to bed until midnight. Ooops. Up at 6, my contacts were not having it. My eyes were itching really bad and that meant I didn’t sleep enough. I never sleep enough, but when the contacts itch, it is BAD!!


By 7 am I met up with Mr. Bacon by the start blog post photo

we went by the elite runner’s tent, and we saw Ryan Hall as he headed out to the start line. 
I had checked my camera by then but I’ll give you just his posters in Center City from the day before.
blog post photo

Mr. Bacon was super nice and wished him luck, I was “yeah!”, hehehe! Ryan is SO thin!!! It made me feel fat for a split second (by the second half of that second I remember Shake Shack and all was fine again!).

This was my friends’ third race and first pikermi, I was so excited for them!blog post photo

The race was sold out but really well organized. I had never done a RNR race and I was very impressed.

blog post photo


Corral time, we were off. My PR was 1:44:09 (7:57 average pace), from May’s Brooklyn Half. I was hoping I could get closer to 1:41, I was so confident I could do it, mostly in this flat course… I would be proven wrong. AS USUAL.

Mile 1 through 5 had us running through Center City and these miles flew by. Around the Mile 1 marker I spotted Royal Dryness ahead of me. I shouted, nothing. I catch up to him and wish him luck. I could tell his pace and mine were not matching, and let him go. The mile markers adn my Garmin were not matching, sometimes by a quarter of a mile, which made pacing complicated. But, I was going with heart rate and I thought I was doing fine. The sun had come up and it was right in our faces for a couple of miles, it was hard to see, and it was getting hot. I kept a conservative pace and decided to save it all for later. When we got to Kelly Drive, thing got easier: shade!!

Funny aside:
runner dude: momomomomomomommmm
me: [pausing my mp3 player]: sorry, whaaaaat?
runner dude: you need to control your breathing!!!
me: oh, no, that’s just the way I breathe, I just have this crappy heart and I am fine, but I just breathe a little loud, I can’t help it, but am ok, don’t worry, I am sorry it is so annoying, that is why I run with the loud music, it annoys me too, but…
runner dude: I see you are fine if you can talk that much while racing.
me: OK!!! sorry!!!!
I just wanted to apologize to EVERYONE, in GENERAL, and FOREVER! It IS really annoying, I get it… but what can I do??? Not race? Uh… NO!

I was feeling good, miles kept going very fast and I realized I loved this course. I really liked it. It got a little harder on the M Luther King road as it was VERY slanted, for a couple of miles. We were also in the sun, and it had gotten hot. The last .20 was a total struggle, I was dead and I felt like I was running in place. Finish time: 1:43:08 (average pace of 7:52). A 1 minute and 1 second PR! Not bad, but also not what I thought I could do… I really should have been able to go faster. This was just a 64.5% grading (compared to last week’s 69%!). I am blaiming it on not sleeping enough, as I really can’t find anything else! But I have raced before with little sleep and done ok, so…


I saw Mr. Bacon right by the finish line, he had finished just a bit before. Packed a ton of food and sat down… Most of the Loopsters were a bit disappointed and without a real reason for it. Royal Dryness and Seanh kicked serious @ss though! Loopsters trickled in and out, but here’s the pictures I managed to get!

From Left: Royal Dryness, who looks exactly like his avatar, all the time and everywhere apparently. You really can’t miss him! Mr. Bacon, Shawn Li, bigbrownpit behind me, edruns72 in turquoise, Goal Junkie and John J-rw.


blog post photo

Seanh and Watch_LN_Run were there too but not in my pics!! Ah, here’s Philly Run-atic and me, later
blog post photo

Congrats to all of you!! I loved the medal. I loved the race. And I kept telling myself I was an idiot for being disappointed with my finish time. I was literally slapping myself mentally every time I had one of those thoughts.

A little while later I caught up with Maricela and her DH and we decided to get a picture before we headed back. So proud of you guys!!!
blog post photo

and then I realized the person I had asked to take the picture was in a little group with Laura Yasso! I introduced myself, as we have friends in common, and we chatted for a bit. She’s so delightful and energetic, I could have been there all day talking to her!!!!blog post photo

We started walking home and snapped a few more pics, as you can see my disappointment was vanishing by the second.


blog post photo

I had had a great race, met a lot of great people and put down my best effort.


That is all that matters.


And that I am not injured, that’s the other thing that really matters. 

blog post photo

Ever seen Logan Square like this?

blog post photo

blog post photo

Later, we went to refuel to one of my favorite places in Philly: Monk’s. I had amazing fries, a burger, mussels, and dessert. And a beer. My first beer in 4 years, which was the last time I was there.


Yeah, I’d say this was a great great great weekend.

blog post photo