Fridays Can Be Confusing + some NRD pics

#1 It’s National Donut Day. And there, I have a 10K tomorrow! How many donuts can I eat before I run my race?

#2 I realized I should start marathon training in a couple of weeks, so, I started doing calculations. The same numbers I do before every marathon and they don’t fail. I got a 3:09 to 3:12 marathon. WTF? This seems impossible. Last one was 3:27. ??!?!?! I redid them over and over. Something must be wrong.

#3 I have to start marathon training next week?

#4 It’s Friday: who cares? Also: it’s Summer Fridays! It’s been raining all day, do we not get Summer this year?

And just because I like them, here is a couple of pictures from National Running Day, will probably blog about it at some point…

2013-06-06 21.47.58 2013-06-06 21.48.55 2013-06-06 21.49.03 2013-06-06 21.50.05

all pics stolen from JP. thanks!!

Happy Racing/Weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Fridays Can Be Confusing + some NRD pics

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