The Sprinkler WitchHunt Theorem

Today we got up early (which is 7 am for me!) to get the run out of the way. It was gonna be HOT (and my runs Tuesday and Wednesday had been super hot and slow. So, I woke up, saw this (keep in mind, this almost feels like 100 at 7:30 AM!)

feels like 96, at freaking 7:30 am!

2013-07-18 11.49.59

for you all europeans! (Davide!)

and braced myself. I drenched my sports bra and shorts before putting them on. Wore my superwet thickest headband, my hair dripping, and was all ready.

Still, this was the run felt like!


Mmmmm of course I decided Juan and I would do repeat Harlem Hill loops. No, I am NOT kidding. Weather is going to wild on me? ME TOO!!!

Then, we added a few miles on the briddle path, chasing every single sprinkler out there. We’d stop, get soaked, keep going. It really was fun. You can call that a “fun” run through hell.

PS: weirdest thing happened- I got a tan!! We were running in the shade and just one hour of running. I run at that hour all the time and I never got the tan lines before. I think the air was baking me or something about the uv index maybe (I have no idea!), but I had crazy three-hours-at-the-beach tan lines. Juan did too. This weather is just wacko.

Now work, ice pops, and a fun race later: The 2nd Annual Dizzy Bat Race. If we don’t melt before. Slurpees for lunch!!


2013-07-16 14.22.33

4 thoughts on “The Sprinkler WitchHunt Theorem

  1. I just went to Ireland and they had record “heat” at 77 degrees. I got a tan even using sunblock. I never tan, only burn, so this was a surprise. The sun is hot all over.

    Drenching your clothes before running is a fantastic idea. I used the treadmill to avoid the heat, but I hate doing my long runs inside. I may try that.


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