New York Rogue Runners’ 2nd Annual Dizzy Bat Race – funniest thing you’ll see all weekend

Okay, first let me clean up my tears. You’ll see what I mean.

I’ve talked about New York Rogue Runners before. I did their Hot Dog Challenge this past march, remember? Well, I didn’t finish it, but I attented it…

This time, the 2nd Annual Dizzy Bat Race, involved no food but I was still scarred from my lack of any skill for anything so I was just there for support, cause Juan wanted to try it. These was the deal:

Rules: Each competitor will compete individually, for time. To begin, each competitor must take ten spins on the bat at home plate. Upon completion of the 10th rotation, competitors will run the bases, in order. Vomiting is permitted; straying into the infield is not.

Competitors must tag up at each base. Chewing tobacco is frowned upon. The winner shall be the competitor who makes it to home base in the least amount of time. Intercourse without foreplay shall not count.

Anyway, I get dizzy just by being alive so I wasn’t going to do it…

Race Director Claire explaining the rules

Race Director Claire explaining the rules

First, Claire goes, then Baker, then Neal…

2013-07-18 19.20.482013-07-18 19.23.11 2013-07-18 19.24.51 2013-07-18 19.20.37 2013-07-18 19.20.44

I don’t think the pictures show how funny this can turn… I have video for Juan’s turn. Note what happens when he tries to start “running”

It’s like he’s jumping in place or something. He fell hard on the woodchips under the tree, and got a little scrape. I promise you his running form is a LOT better than that!!

More pictures before I make you cry, because you know what’s coming…

Baker taking a GO

Baker taking a GO

erica baker

Abbe going for it!

Abbe going for it!


Juan… who had never FALLEN IN HIS LIFE. or something



I seriously didn’t stop laughing at any point

Anyway, they insisted, I said yes, because… I can’t say no to anything stoopid. So, here:

I just couldn’t stay upright. At all. I really wanted to give up after the first fall. I was SOOOO dizzy I couldn’t hold it together for a second… oh well, I am not perfect, okay?

Also, if I had thought of competing, I probably wouldn’t have worn those short tights!


Vertically Challenged State

 e1069896_10151821422515864_590543703_ne998405_10151821423120864_1045098281_n  e1000730_10151821423470864_616038952_n

e1003482_10151821423410864_318979323_nerica me

Th truth is, I was the slowest, BUT I didn’t vomit as I did last time, AND I finished it, so I think that’s a HUGE improvement. PLUS, there was a group 10 yards away having all this delicious barbeque, I think I deserve huge props just by staying put and not wandering away!

There was an official ceremony, the winner got a check for $9.50 (the price of a beer at Yankee Stadium), a Derek Jeter mask, and a stub hub certificate for a sporting event… plus the right to make fun of me: the slowest one of them all!


Seriously, ridiculously, FUN


The competitors and the winner at the bottom. Thanks Erica for most of these pictures!

Can’t wait for the next one… The Wheelbarrow/Three-Legged Duathlon

oh wait, wait, there is more…

WORLD PREMIERE: NY Rogue Runners’ 2nd Annual Dizzy Bat Race – THE MOVIE

14 thoughts on “New York Rogue Runners’ 2nd Annual Dizzy Bat Race – funniest thing you’ll see all weekend

  1. That has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! I loved how Juan ended up run/hopping around behind home plate before taking off for first. And how you somehow ended up in right field! How fun! The Jeter mask and Yankees stuffed animal are great too!


    • It was rough running after, at least until I got to first base… I could see where I wanted to go and all but my legs had other ideas… I cry every time I see the video!


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    • Ugh, this was definitely a lot more fun to watch… but… I had problems with both challenged
      I am figuring out I am really bad at everything that is not running (no obstacles!)


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  4. It looks like you had a lot of fun with friends. Just minutes ago I saw that Ali has posted that team picture at the end on her blog this morning. That is too funny for words.


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