NYC Triathlon 2013

well…. no. no. I didn’t do the NYC Tri or won’t be doing a tri. Before you say, just like the Biebs, never say never, let me clarify: NEVER. My poor Ironman bf has tried enough, and he has a crazy case of stubborness dedication, and… still nothing. Everybody should give up. For ever. Anyway.

It’s not that they don’t look like a cool challenge, but… tris just overwhelm me. There’s a LOT of gear to fuss about, too many things you can’t control, waaaay too complicated for my liking. It really seems like a lot of work and I rather go run and not worry and bop around and listen to music and not break my head because my feet are attached to a bike or something. Oh yes, it also sounds super dangerous to me. But anyway, I am a major league klutz.

Anywayx2, Autism Speaks’ Team Up! had a team of runners on the NYC Triathlon and I am the only local staff so I went cheering. I also went to the past dinner Friday night (and omg, I ended up covered in pasta sauce and eating for 5!). Back to the serious cheering: here are some pictures.., and before you start thinking how cool, keep in mind, it was NASTY HOT and HUMID. I felt REALLY bad for them all. But, the harder the race, more exciting that medal will be, riiiight?

New York City Triathlon

We got to the run portion really early, 7 am, because we didn’t want to miss anyone! Lara and I, ready to power-cowbell
Photo Credit: Lora

Jordan Jones New York City Triathlon

And we didn’t miss anyone. #1 guy, leading early on, Jordan Jones, repeat offender, I mean, winner!

NYC Triathlon

Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher


Need explanation?
Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher


Loved him!
Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher

We saw it all on the course, men in speedo, women in bathing suits with strange tan lines (bikinis!), super amazing inspiring athletes, going all out, puffing it all out, but everyone crested the hill like a winner. I spotted a few friends and got to run a little (like a block) with a few (Chris, Jason, from my Dashing Whippets!), and we were amazed (to tears sometimes) by the Achilles athletes, the para-triathletes, the first responders wave… it was all ridiculously inspiring!


Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher


Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher


We made some serious noise for everyone.
Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher

Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher


Yeah, an air conditioner!
Photo Credit: Matthew Fisher

After we saw the last racer, and our cowbells were burning hot from heavy work, we headed for the finish to catch up with everyone. I then run into Terrence, and his whippet who had won the doggy dash. Cause of course Terrence’s puppy has to be a master runner!

2013-07-14 11.01.36

The plastic fire hydrant was the 1st place prize. hilarious.

I’ve been cheering at this race for the last 3 or 4 years, and it’s always hot. I just saw they moved it to August for next year. Still, everyone looked like the heat didn’t matter. Congrats finishers!!

PS: just saw that Lora put her blog up too, so, more pictures here!


10 thoughts on “NYC Triathlon 2013

  1. I kept looking for myself and my family in your photos! We were there cheering on my bro-in-law who did an awesome job (we were at the corner of 72nd st. and Central Park West and then later at the finish chute about 100 m from the finish line). He keeps trying to get me to do a tri, and I keep trying to get him to do a marathon. Ha! Saw a lot of the same people you saw. It was soooo amazing seeing the elites and sub-elites coming thru — seriously fit athletes. I admire them….but after seeing my bro-in-law jump off a dock into the water to swim in the Hudson, I was like, no thanks. I felt more comfortable watching the run portion of the event. It’s a lot of fun spectating and cheering! My daughter asked if hearing the cheering helps when you’re running, and I said yes, so she cheered more. We cheered every athlete we could!


    • OMG, she’s so cute!!! I was in that corner last year, but this year we were in Columbus and 72nd, just a block over! Couldn’t believe it when I saw your FB posts!!! Good for him to jump and your daughter for being so cute, I think it’s great for kids to come cheer and get this inspiration in the their heads… and then… who knows?


      • I know! It’s great for the kids to see thousands of people doing things that are seemingly impossible. And also for the kids to realize that I’m not such a weirdo or crazy (Ok maybe I am but there are thousands of others who are too). So funny that you were just a block away! We keep just missing each other…..


        • I think it’s amazing that they see all this. If I had kids I’d take them cheering at something every weekend, even if I didn’t know anyone racing (ah, who are we kidding, I’d do that for my own fun!). Man it was hot, and you know the park is not a piece of cake either…


  2. It was hot! Fortunately, my bro-in-law was in one of the early waves so he was done by 9 am. I felt for the people who had a later start as it was REALLY hot later. My bro-in-law was put off by the hills in Central Park too — I told him he should have asked me before Friday about that…..

    My kids really like cheering at races, and my son likes doing 5Ks. Maybe there is hope for those 2 yet…..


  3. I’d be coming from northern NJ so cross GWB down Harlem River Drive to RFK bridge to Grand Central Parkway. Is that anywhere in the vicinity? Or you could email me 🙂


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