Bill Rodgers and Frank Shorter!

At our Team Up dinner tonight we had the two most amazing celebrities!!
Billy was telling me about his new book, Marathon man, which I will HAVE to get and showing Juan and I pictures from when he was little, and also telling us about the power of the pack… Amazing stuff. And everytime, EVERYTIME, I see him, in those 3 minutes, he ALWAYS leaves me with amazing words. Last time I saw him, at a Boston Marathon, he told me “Go get your Boston”. I did. This time he said, as he turned around, “Running only brings good”. Amazing.

Frank and I talked for a bit too, mostle about Jim Fixx, but he gave me the tighest hug ever. Love him!

Both will be running tomorrow fundraising for the One Fund, every person they pass will get them money donated; a great challenge!
This weekend in Boston couldn’t be any more BOSTON now with Bill and Frank!!


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