My NYC Marathon is Always a MegaMess

Pffff, WHY?

Most of my races last and this year went great, I kept PRing like a maniac. I rocked a happy 3:27 in Berlin in September 2012 and a half PR of 1:37 in the 2013 NYC Half. All was happiness.

Enter a massively stoooooopid idiotic ulcer mid July; it that had me walking like a zombie because it didn’t let me eat anything for weeks. There was no running for weeks, I was so weak, I could barely move or stay awake. Blagh.

So, after some mile repeats on my LAST work-out in July, I closed shop abruptly for the month with 20 runs, and a total of 113 miles.

August was very blah, but I tried, hard: I did a total 11 runs, for a crazy 70 miles, average pace was 10:02 longest was 10 miles. See? Blah.

Mid September, things started to get moving, I ramped up a total of 106 miles, including a 16 and one 18 miler, the longest I had run since last September. Average pace was 9:26. The fastest run I did was some 5 miles at 8:49 average (living on the wild side!!). I was moving. Little and slow, but moving.

October, week 1 was 32 miles and it included a half in 1:44, 7:59 pace. It’s good. Too bad the marathon is in just 3 weeks…

I wish I had a month or two more.

Actually, I wish I could ever give myself the chance to run a proper NYC Marathon*!!!

*2008, was my first, so who knew what I was doing? I positive splitted (first and last time ever I did positive splits!), ITBS started hurting midway (but… I got under my A Goal of sub 4 by 9 minutes!)

*2009, piriformis pain, could barely walk before I even started (but… PRed & BQed!, one step later, I got picked up and carried straight to the medical tent!)

*2010, broke my arm, neck and ribs two weeks before in an ultra (but PRed!…)

*2011, I didn’t train at all as I had a stress fracture in my foot, I also represented Manhattan in the Footlocker 5Boro challenge and we had a slow start (but, I managed to run a marathon on zero training and still subfour!)

*2012, I had done Berlin 3 weeks before so I wasn’t expecting a good race, but we’ll never know, will we?

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