A labral tear!

Yeah, who’s happy about that, yes, meeee!

A few hours ago, really, I thought I was done… All my NYC marathons are always a mess, always, so why not this one? First I had an ulcer that didn’t let me run for 2 months starting mid July, then as soon as I was trying to salvage my last month of “training”, I fell flat on my face in the beginning of my first long run (since my marathon last September, A YEAR AGO!), then I had this weird leg pain, so I stopped running 10 days ago then I fell again last Sunday. Anything else??

2013-10-28 12.36.122013-10-30 18.01.24

This weird groin/hip/leg pain was super strange, like uncontrollable spams, that I had for most part of the last month. And it got CRAZY last week, it hurt to walk, to turn, to be awake… so I stopped running. Had an XRAY, an MRI and the results are in! A Labral Tear. So, it’s not a fractured hip as the doctor had suggested “and if it’s a fracture, there is no way I am letting you run that marathon“! She was nicer today: get a cortisone shot and go for the gold. What? I am not that fast!!!

I am soooo relieved! Now I just have to get a shot ASAP and hope for the best: I am barely trained, haven’t even run in 2 weeks and have no clue what to expect. This will be fun. Wish me luck

Oh, and track me if you want, I am runner 724! See you out there!

12 thoughts on “A labral tear!

  1. I have Labral tears galore on my right hip, and have had 2 surgeries thus far. Ran my first half just a few months after one of the surgeries. Now running my first full this wknd (NYC) and can attest that running does not bother my hip despite there still being active tears. Walking is actually worse than running due to the longer gait. Have a great race.


  2. best of luck. i feel for you. i went through the same thing 2 months ago. mri and all…mine turned out to be the most painful case of shingles ever! lucky no tear like i thought. i’m 39…unbelievable. i’m in orange wave 2. go get em!


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