NYRR’s Ted Corbitt 15K – Winter Wonderland!

I promise it gets fun towards the end..

Well, I am not going to get anyone riled about this one. If something, this is a testament that I can sometimes control my pace… I was NOT racing, I barely showed up to get my last NYC marathon qualifier in and I had one hundred other things I had preferred to be doing. Actually, snow was in the forecast so I spent most of the day before and the night checking to see if they would make it a fun run (you get credit towards the marathon but you don’t even have to show up!) but they didn’t. I was exhausted. I had just come back from Buenos Aires two days before and my husband was super sick with a bronchitis (fever, coughing, the works) so there was no sleep and I really didn’t want to leave him alone at all. I was going to be back in less than two hours and it was early, and the start was less than a mile from the apartment so I knew he’d be okay, but he had a horrible night and neither of us slept. I got up to this:

ted corbitt 15K nyrr


It was not supermotivating. Because, mostly, I am in really crappy shape. I haven’t trained in months. I was tired. I had overeaten in my Buenos Aires vacation until I food-poisoned myself… I was coming off a rough week. Plus, coming back from the nice early summer runs in 70 degrees to this frigid cold… I really didn’t want to go!!!!!

But, alas. I HAD to. I really had no choice.

My plan was to get there as close to the start time as possible so I wouldn’t freeze waiting around, not check a bag, run as easy as I could without freezing, and run straight home after I finished. Does that sound like a race strategy? No, I know. But it’s because I wasn’t racing. I was just completing the course and going home without even stopping. Lame, but it’s all I had.

So far from last year’s NYRR’s Ted Corbitt Classic 15K!!! I had a fantastic race, did a 7:27 average and loved the distance… this time, I would be happy to keep it smart and finish without dying or slowing down (ha, like my last race, the NYC Marathon!)

My race, time, and pacing was quite uneventful, as we could all expect, see some veeery conservative (though NOT dying at the end) pace here:

ted corbitt 15K nyrr 3

Nothing to write home about… 11 minutes slower than last year and I barely cracked any effort zone… 8:37 average pace (1:20:10 official finish time) in 9 miles is not even a tempo…!

But… WOW.

It started snowing AS soon as we got moving. I am not kidding. It was freezing cold, we were all shivering and dreading it. Then as soon as the horn blew, SNOW showers… Em, gladly I was covered up like a maniac and I had clear sunglasses to protect my vision (I’ve fallen with clear weather, so why make it riskier?) so I was prepped for it! It was gorgeous. I am not sure I would have loved it if I was racing. People were slipping left and right and I saw a lot of people struggling to see, the snow was coming from everywhere!!! But… it was gorgeous! I don’t have many pictures as I left the hubs locked in, but there’s a few amazing pictures in the NYRR race gallery. I felt awful for the volunteers and spectators, I am sure they were frozen. But 9 miles are over soon and in a bit, with two loops the park, I crossed the finish and kept going home, covered in snow and ice, and ready for a hot chocolate. What a race to cap off the year. Winter is here.

ted corbitt 15K nyrr 2

4 thoughts on “NYRR’s Ted Corbitt 15K – Winter Wonderland!

  1. Yeah, Saturday was cold and SNOWY! I can’t imagine racing in that. I did go out for an 11 mile run — when I was on the trail, it was GREAT, but on the pavement there were icy areas. Ick. I don’t know HOW I’m supposed to train this winter if this snow and ice keeps up……. I hope your hubby is feeling better.


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