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and then, there was Meb

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yes, yes, nothing new, but had to post this, run into him on Saturday morning and I just had to share! What a day.. I went cheering for the 10K, got some amazing videos of the leaders running form, got the bf to do a time trial, and run into my bf and running partner Patricia on her first run in 4 months. Then I added a bunch of miles, got a pic with Meb, and eventually got home and to the movies to see Ironman (which I loved!). Fun day!

4 races, 4 weekends in a row

oy. I just noticed I have a crazy month coming up ahead…

I know there’s serial racers out there who won’t think twice about it, and I do know you can get just fitter by racing, but there’s also the risk of overdoing I have to manage very closely, and I noticed I have 4 races in a row coming up!

Run As One (4M)                          Sun, Apr 28. Maybe

Long Branch Half Marathon    Sun, May 5, 201. Yes.

UAE Healthy Kidney 10K         Sat, May 11. Maybe.

Brooklyn Half-Marathon          Sat, May 18. Signed up.

The problem is that my running has been quite crappy since NYC Half (March 17). I stopped for a week for a strange hamstring pain, then I got a cold, then I got busy, then lazy.. . you know how it is! I barely just started running last week. The truth is I overdid it. I did a half 6 days after my target half and paid a high price for it: took me a huge while to recover! Will I ever learn? Looking at the races above, I’d say no…!


– This weekend I did around 11 miles with Blaise and Juan on a East River/Manhattan-Williamsburg Bridge loop. Hadn’t run “long” in a month! It was slow and it hurt.

-Running the BostonStrong Central Park run tonight, hoping to catch up with a few of you! (will try to do some speedwork before) See you there!