Social Media: how it can break your heart

You might know I have been blogging at Runners World for over 4 years… I have more than tons of love for all that has brought me and nothing else but love. When I announced, two days ago, that I was moving my blog here, I had to hear it all, from do NOT, to cursing, and people sad and offended and it all, all loving though (I hope!??!).

And really. I had no idea SO many people would care so much. Really. (It’s ok: I’ve been called clueless before).

Well, then, one of my all time favorites EVER, posted this:

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Well, so, it turns out, what you do online MATTERS. 

I knew it because there are so many people online I follow, but I tend to forget how many people are out there who “follow me?”, so I want to make sure I make you all aware of it.

– It matters

and, my favorite:

-There is always someone watching

This is for you all: whether you have a blog, whether you tweet, or post on facebook about your runs. People want to know about what you’re doing, even if they’re not saying anything to you, or commenting on your posts. They learn from your posts, opinions, and experiences (the good and bad ones), you’re provoking something, creating something.

I follow/stalk a lot of people (Google Reader PLEASE stay active!). Senior Runner, the poster above, is one of those people whose blog I’d NEVER miss. I don’t always comment, but I have him on my rss reader, and have never missed one of his posts. They are funny, smart (too smart!), educating, and I really enjoy his wit. I just hope one day I can be a runner like him. And I learn a lot from all he writes. He inspires me to infinity. I really can say I love him, from the my bottom of my heart, as if he was a close relative.

It is crazy how you feel so close to people you have never met. And they might not even know you exist.

So I realized that not only what I wrote helped/mattered but also that people liked me, yes, it’s weird to even say it. But the truth is, I get it: there’s a lot of blogs, and tweet feeds, or even tumblrs that I am more addicted to than Gossip Girl.

So, besides feeling all this immense love in the last few days, I want to tell you all to remember that you are always inspiring someone. It doesn’t matter if people don’t say a word, or comment, or click,  or whatever. I’ve posted things no one commented in but as soon as I walked in (to the party, work, park, etc.) everyone would know/ask.

Don’t be scared: share your love for the run. Again: there is ALWAYS someone watching. Now, let’s  get the word out and get more people into our CULT.

(and I love you all!)

7 thoughts on “Social Media: how it can break your heart

  1. It’s true, right? I started a blog outside The Loop just to chronicle my workouts, basically, and I figured my mom and siblings might be interested in reading, but I actually have “followers” who aren’t relatives! So surprising…..


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